Janet’s Bio

My life change late in 2012 when my husband, Jim died. He was sixty years old. We were planning to spend retirement together. One day I was driving home from an appointment. I drove past a cute B-class RV at a dealership and thought Jim and I had always talked about a conversion van. I turned my car around went back and took a look. Two months later I became the owner of a Roadtrek SS Agile and prepared to travel.

Jim and I went through three years of health issues. We have no children and without the support of family and friends, we would have been very alone. After Jim’s death, I decided that I wanted to travel around the United States and Canada and thank family and friends for all their support.

I chose to start a blog as a way to keep family and friends informed of my journeys. Little did I know that my RV and traveling would profoundly change my life.

My plan was to blog for the first year or two and then stop. When I mentioned stopping I was asked by many to keep going. And so here I am. I have been living, almost full-time in my RV for over five years now and have been blogging since 2013.

I used to travel with Miss Elsie the cat. She left me in November of 2019. I am learning how to be truly a single person in this big world.

I am an artist and a wildlife photographer. I love to explore and travel and live.

Each day I am grateful and thankful to be alive and adventuring with my inner and outer life.