A Quick Follow-up

This morning at five thirty a.m. I arrived at the hospital with my good friend, Phyllis, at my side. Today was surgery day. The day was finally here. I was ready and nervous and ready. In we went.

I am a believer in being a strong advocate for my own health care. I see any event involving my health care as a team effort. I like to believe we are a team, everyone who is involved with the event of the moment. I met Autumn who admitted me to the pre-surgical area. Around the corner were the nursing staff and everyone else involved with “getting me ready”. My surgeon, who I love, came in said good morning and marked the side of my body where I would have surgery. Then the anesthesiologist showed up.

At seven thirty in the morning I was wheeled into the operating room. I was introduced to the whole staff. I asked the staff, the anesthesiologist, and Dr Ressa to focus on me, tell me that I am doing well and that my healing would be complete, even though I would be off to sleep.  They offered to play soft and upbeat music. Well just how nice is that?

With all this out of the way I went to sleep. Two hours later I slowly woke in the PACU. I have a small suture line at the base of my neck. My throat was sore from intubation and the best news of all was given to me. When I was fully awake I could go home. I know that I still have to wait for the biopsy results to come back but…..going home gave me the affirmation I needed – there is probably no cancer.

Phyllis got me cozy in her comfy chair, pain pill on board and I was ready for a sleepy and comfortable afternoon. This evening I am a bit more awake. Phyllis is making sure I take it easy. I could not ask for a better friend. She is even entertaining Elsie. Well of course she is, she loves kitties too.

I want to thank everyone for all your good wishes. It is hard to put into words just how much all your kind words mean to me. I believe that all these good wishes, prayers and more, helped this day to run smoothly.  I am honored and blessed to have your support and encouragement.

Know that I am in full recovery mode and I can now begin my spring and summer travels, beginning May 1.

I hope you will come along for the adventure.


16 thoughts on “A Quick Follow-up

  1. Dearest Janet, I am so glad to hear that your surgery experience went so well. I love you and am sending you love and healing prayers from Tucson. Love Beth

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  2. Dear Janet,
    So glad to hear that you had such an awesome surgical team, and that you came through your surgery well. I will pray for all to turn out well.
    Love you,

  3. So glad it went well! Wow – and you were able to write a coherent piece so soon! Heal well! Cheers to getting on the road quickly.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing well!! I will pray for your quick successful recovery. I have had my thyroid removed because of cancer, and I know what you’re going through. Speedy recovery and getting back to more great adventures with Elsie!!! Happy Travels!

  5. I have followed your blog for several years, but only responded once. I am glad that your have this adventure behind you.
    I look forward to following you in your recovery and in your future!

  6. Janet! Yet another adventure. You continue to inspire me. All good thoughts and wishes coming your way.

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