Friday morning me and my Roadtrek took off. Yes that is right, I am now officially on-the-road. It was a beautiful drive across the California desert and into the mountains. I am in Flagstaff for the next couple of days.image

Elsie the cat is not riding with me. She was bit too stressed out about the RV. After some very painful decision making I decided to leave her in Santee with Raquel who is taking care of “everything Janet” in CA this summer. Elsie, who usually runs from everyone (the original scaredy cat), was taking treats out of Raquel’s hand and being petted by her as well. In her cat way, I think she was demonstrating the good choice I made. I will certainly be missing my furry friend, yet the last thing I want is for her to be stressed. I am leaving her picture on the blog. I will be able to see her face when I check this site.

I am an east coast girl, raised in the second smallest state in the nation. Any guesses? That is right, Delaware. When I first moved west, it was to Utah. There are 2 reactions, it seems, from “east coasters” when they move west. They love it or all they want to do is go back east, away from those wide open spaces. I took one look around and fell in love, with the deserts, the mountains and all those “see for miles spaces”. Driving across the desert was such treat in my new Roadtrek (RT). I loved sitting up high and I got to see everything from a new advantage point. It was not too hot. The highest temperature I saw was 102 F. But, wait for it…..It was dry heat. I always love it when people say that.

Here are some of my thoughts as I drove yesterday.

The desert

The desert

  • In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the desert there are these deserted and often gutted trailers. One was sitting on the top of the hill with the back end sticking over a precipice with nothing to support it. What are they doing there and where did the inhabitants go? And, the one on the top of the hill, did they ever worry about tipping over when they walked to the back? I almost thought of starting a photo journal of the ones I saw. Such an odd thing.
  • What am I doing out here?
  • Where did Jim go when he died?
  • Why couldn’t they fix route 66 so the road was better, it would have been fun to drive more of it?
  • Should my inverter be on or off? This part of my RT confounds me.
  • God I love these places where I can see for miles. And the big puffy monsoon clouds were such a delight.’

Profound thoughts, right? I love to let my mind wander and go where it will. And, trust me, these were just a few of the millions of thoughts that traveled with me yesterday.

I am staying in Flagstaff for another night. This is the gateway to the Grand Canyon’s south rim. It sits around 7000 feet up and is incredibly beautiful country. The San Francisco Peaks are the home of the Kachina Gods of the Hopi Indians and a wonderfully beautiful year round outdoor playground. I have been here several times before and always look forward to returning.

I am staying with my friend, Sharon. We met years ago when we got involved in building an all women’s sweat lodge on a near-by property. She is a feisty woman who is currently dealing with breast cancer and is in the middle of chemotherapy. This has all occurred in the last few months. When I called to let her know I was coming and she told me this piece of news, she said she hadn’t called me because this was just another passing moment in her life. She is having a tough time with the chemo. I am glad I am here helping to create a diversion for a few days. She is a reminder to me that while I have been going through grief and all my own stuff, life is going on and others are dealing with continuing issues both good and hard in their lives. The lesson for me is that life does go on. She is so honored that she is the first stop in my journey. I am glad I planned it this way as well. We, her daughter and the 2 of us sat up into the evening talking and enjoying each others company and laughing over our past adventures and catching up on her large family’s lives. She knew Jim as well and it was good to reminisce. I have many strong role models in my life and Sharon is definitely one of them.

Janet & Sharon

Janet & Sharon

11 thoughts on “Roadtreking!!!!

  1. You only need the inverter on when you need to be using 110/120 volt power (normal house power) on something. We would have it on and let the laptops/tablets/phones charge as we drove plugged into the outlets. In that way the batteries were kept charged while we drove so we were not using up what you will learn is precious battery power. There is absolutely no need to leave the inverter on if you are not using house current on some appliance.

  2. Hi Janet,
    In reading your blog I’m reminded of the fact that there are so many great people out there.Your friend Sharon is so wise and very beautiful I might add, she is right in her statement that life is going on and that so many are struggling with hardship, I will keep her in my daily prayers. I for one am thankful for the love and trust that you have shown me and know that your journey has now become a shared journey and that it will somehow not only have a profound effect on your life, it’s ripple effect will impact all of us who are taking this journey with you. Elsie is great and we’re already bonding, she slept with me for a bit last night, so I know we’re good. Much Love

  3. Janet, this is so neat reading about what you are doing! I have a cat also, well she’s my grandson’s(he will be 12 next month–where does time go?) and she would be up front with you trying to drive:-)
    Tell you friend Sharon that I’m also in Chemo(2 left) and I feel for her but we are strong women and this too shall pass.
    Have a great time and keep posting. Oh yell, if you come to Indiana, remember me. Hugs, Love, and have a great adventure(I envy you(-: but so glad for you. Ruby from Indiana

  4. Hi Janet. So glad you are there to give Sharon something to feel good about!!!! Chemo is just sooooo hard. I love your report about the drive. Makes me wanna fly out and meet you and continue your trip with you! If you get to Connecticut, let me know! I just moved back near my kids and grandkids after my most recent medical issues – was in Florida.
    Take care and watch out for the wild animals!

  5. Godspeed, Janet! I am so happy that you are on the road, loving life…seeing life and feeling life!!!! As so many of us have been blessed with you, we now look forward to watching blessings unfold for you, on this journey. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures. Much, much love,

  6. Finally “On the road” and totally enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I am so happy you had the opportunity to meet up with your friend, Sharon. I will keep her in my prayers and you as well for safety while on the road. Be safe and have fun! Looking forward to your next post.

  7. I too enjoyed reading your blog. Glad to hear that you are on your way. Too bad Elsie was not up for the trip. May your travels be blessed.

  8. Janet, I am Raquel’s friend Marthe. I love reading your thoughts! I’ve been hearing good things about you since Raquel met you. I love the picture of you and Sharon. She looks like my kind of person. Good luck to her, and to you on your travels. And in case you don’t know, your house and cat are in excellent hands, the best!

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