On The Road to Colorado

Tuesday, mid-morning, after one more visit to the hospital, I departed Flagstaff and began the drive across Arizona on I-40. I chose this route for a few reasons; since I have spent so much time in Arizona and New Mexico I have decided I might linger more in states and areas of the



country that I have not been to before. This was a very hard choice because I love these two states. There is so much diversity in each one. The summer monsoons are in full swing across this high desert country. I got to witness the summer clouds forming up and watched the rain coming across the desert plateaus. Just beautiful. There was even a flash flood on the west bound part of the highway near Gallup. I am glad it  was on the other side of the road.

La Posada

La Posada

Standing on the Corner in Winslow ArizonaI did stop in Winslow, AZ and took a stroll through town. Raquel suggested this stop. Winslow is known for a few things but mostly it is a railroad town. Here are the two things that people do in this town. One attraction is to stand on the corner made famous by the Eagles song. And I did.  The other feature of note in this little town is the La Posada Hotel. This was one of the Harvey Houses. It was built in the 1920’s by Fred Harvey who believed that even if you were in the wild west you could still have a fine place to stay with sliver and the finest of linens. He built his houses along the railroad. After it’s hay day it fell into disrepair but now has come back as a beautiful hotel. You too can stay in this hotel right on the rail.

I did not make it to Colorado as I had planned and instead stopped at a campground on the Rio Grande River just north of Albuquerque. I was very proud of myself for being able to hook up to everything on my own. It is amazing how this feat is so, challenging for me right now and how I am so proud of myself when I do everything right. I miss Jim and his loving support and I feel extra proud that I am beginning to figure things out for myself and they are working. It feels good to regroup after such an auctioned packed couple of days in Flagstaff.

Sunrise over the Rio Grand

Sunrise over the Rio Grande

About 2 weeks before I left on this journey I changed my status on facebook from married to”It’s complicated”. That term feels more accurate than widow or single. I feel that it is very complicated for me right now. I still feel in limbo between being in relationship and being single. I am officially not married any longer and I certainly don’t feel single. I don’t feel like I am anything except Janet trying to make it through each day in the most positive way that I can. If I look at my full adult life, that is who I have always been, even when I was in this incredibly loving and supportive relationship. Janet, making my way through each moment of my life doing the best that I can do.

Janet has been a friend of mine for many years. We met contra-dancing in San Diego. Our friendship took off when we both started to English Country Dance together. We also started hiking together with the Sierra Club, Wednesdays in the Mountains. Janet has always been my friend and her friendship has never wavered. The one thing that I really appreciate and enjoy about our friendship is that there is not one thing that defines it. We like doing all kinds of things together. She has been there for me, steadily over the past three years. After Jim died she started e-mailing photos of birds. Now I love birds and nature and this has been such a delight for me to be able to see these beautiful photos. Janet also has been so right there when I need her. All I have to do is ask and she is there. This past week when I wasn’t feeling well, who shows up with gingerale and things I needed? Janet. Today I want to thank Janet for being part of my life and I could not ask for a better friend. I am very thankful for her on-going love and support.

Now it is time to get on-the-road to Alamosa, Colorado where I will be visiting long time friends.

4 thoughts on “On The Road to Colorado

  1. Gorgeous sunset photo! I love sunsets, it settles me in gratitude for having been privileged to enjoy another day! Monsoons are something I would not appreciate experiencing. My brother lives in Phoenix and they have them and also huge dust storms, I’ll gladly pass and deal with our winters instead. You are inspiring and glad to hear you are doing great learning the in’s and out’s of the RT. 🙂 Angels be with you!

  2. That is a great memory Janet.

    You are bringing hope and love everywhere you drive. Just reading your post helped make my very sad day so much better.

    I hope you can take lots more beautiful photos in nature to post and share like the Rio sunset and please continue to drive safe. 🙂

  3. Love your pictures! They are amazing. Maybe we need to come up with a NEW “status” – how about Quan Yin’s ‘Human-in-Being”? It’s tough to do new things on your own when you’ve been working/living in tandem. Give yourself lots of gold stars and lots and lots of hugs for ‘keeping going keeping going!’. Love,

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