Slowly Starting West.

Driving through covered bridges

Driving through covered bridges, NH

I am slowly starting to head west. Slowly is the key word. On Saturday I departed Maine. After a fun drive through New Hampshire I am now in Quechee, Vermont. After I left Moxie pond and my friends in northern Maine, Missy & Dan, I drove to southern Maine to Sebago Lake, the supplier of most of the water supply for the greater Portland area.

Memorial of the ordination of Rev. Samuel Hildden, 1792

Memorial of the ordination of Rev. Samuel Hildden, 1792

As I traveled through NH my GPS seemed to have a mind of it’s own. I stopped in Tamworth to explore a farmers market. After I left there I found that crazy GPS took me into the back country, over dirt roads, through covered bridges and found some beautiful farms. I found a small cemetery with a unique memorial. It was not a quick drive but such a pleasant surprise. I guess am kind of liking my crazy GPS.

Janet & Mary

Janet & Mary

I spent two days with Mary In Sebago, ME.I met Mary in 1971. We went to the same nursing school in NH. Mary was in the class behind me. I met her about 1/2 way through my second year of school. I felt alone during my nurses training but when I met Mary that changed. After I met her we became friends and had many adventures together. After we both graduated we visited a few times. then I moved west and Mary went her way. It was almost 30 years before we met again. That meeting was two years ago. Even though we had not seen each other for such a long time there was an immediate connection and we picked up our friendship where it had left off all those years ago.

I am so glad we reconnected. Over the past few years Mary has been there for me. We might live on opposite coasts yet distance has not stopped me from feeling her love and support.

Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake

I am continuing to love the fact that I can swim in the lakes on the east coast. Soon after I arrived we were in the water. What a delight, we talked and swam and caught up. I had my first opportunity on this trip to kayak On the lake. The best part of being with Mary is that she loves to cook. One of the touching moments with Mary was the evening we had Maine lobster for dinner. Earlier in the day we had been talking about seafood and I had mentioned that I love scallops almost as much as lobster and for dinner that night scallops arrived on my plate along with the lobster.

Moments of caring may show up at any moment in our lives. Often we don’t see them as we get busy with our lives. I have found that since Jim was diagnosed with metastasis of his original cancer I have been paying more and more attention to these small and often touching moments in my life. I appreciate these moments and I feel so much in my heart for everyone who has prayed and thought of both of us. I continue to feel so much in my heart for all those who continue to support me and encourage me through this struggling change in my life.

After my days here in Vt I am going through New York State to weave my way around the Great Lakes. I am looking forward to a few days of camping. It is a time to regroup and enjoy my RV.

Jim & Janet Grand Canyon

Jim & Janet Grand Canyon

6 thoughts on “Slowly Starting West.

  1. So glad Janet you are having a good time! My GPS does that same thing…but normally it’s when I’m going to a new doctor or something like that.
    Take care and keep having a good time! Hugs Ruby from Indiana

  2. You were visiting areas close to where I come from. Continued safe travels! Enjoy the Seaway Trail as you head in northern NY and take a tour of The Thousand Islands and Boldt Castle. Our summer place is about an hour south from Watertown at Brennan Beach in Pulaski. Would love to meet you if you head that direction.

    • Pauline I tried to e-mail you earlier today but not sure if you received it. So here is what I emailed you earlier,


      You have mentioned a couple times about meeting up with you. I would love to do that if it can work out. I am in Quechee Vt and was planning to drive west from here and then north and cross over into Canada just at the east end of Lake Ontario. I just looked up Pulaski and there you, on my way. I probably will be looking for a place to stay right around there that night. I am planning to leave VT on Wednesday morning, August 28. Let me know. That would be fun. Janet

      Sent from my iPad

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