Jim & Scholarships

Jim at work

Jim at work

After Jim died I started to plan a Memorial for him, even though he asked me not to. I thought a service might help create closure for those who needed it.

Three friends, Therese, Barbara and Tammy took this project on. Jim and I loved yoga. The first time I went to a class after he died I had one of those “ah ha” moments. I realized that I could not go through with the idea of a service. It was not Jim and it was not me. I put a halt to it before it got too big and  took on a life of it’s own.

Tammy suggested starting a scholarship at Grossmont College in his name. this seemed like such a fine way of honoring him. The Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship was founded. Jim had such a dedication to students and his employees and education was a major part of most of his adult life. This felt like a more appropriate way of honoring this very fine man.

Who receives this scholarship? Jim had many interests in life, I decided to focus on 2 of them. I set up this scholarship so that it would alternate recipients. One semester it goes to someone who has committed themselves to an Associate Degree in the Fine Arts. The first scholarship went to a woman who is getting her degree in Theater Costuming. How cool is that. The alternating scholarship Recipient will go to someone who is working towards a Bachelors degree in the Social Sciences. Each scholarship has specific requirements that need to be met.



I want to attempt to make this a perpetual scholarship. Perpetual means that if I can raise enough money this scholarship will fund itself and will remain in existence long after I have moved on. I like this idea. However, I need to raise $25,000. I have discovered I know nothing about fund raising.

When I had lunch with my friend, Chris, from Philadelphia she suggested that I put this question out to all of my blog readers. Here is my question to all of you. Do know have suggestions on how to fund raise for this worthy cause? I know there have to be fund raisers out there among you. So please step forward and give me your ideas.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship, well you can do that as well. Each time I get notice of someone else who has donated it touches me right to the core of my heart.

Here is the information on how to donate.

To contribute, please make checks payable to:
Grossmont College,
mention this is for The Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship

Mail contributions to:
Selam Gebrekristos
Scholarship Specialist
Financial Aid Office
8800 Grossmont College Dr
El Cajon, CA 92020-1799

Contributions are tax deductibles

I want to make sure that each of you realizes that I am not asking for money. I am asking for your ideas and creativity on how to fund raise. I am anxious to see your suggestions. Get your thinking caps on and get those ideas flowing.

Janet & Jim

Janet & Jim

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