Heading South

A Vista, Sunset in The Hayden Valley

A Vista, Sunset in The Hayden Valley

After two days of no wifi and no cell towers I am back in range. I am sitting in West Yellowstone having tea and breakfast in a place that Jim found when we did our winter trip into this park two years ago. It is a little bit warmer this time. I am feeling very thankful for my Roadtrek this morning. It is nice to wake up warm and dry.

I want to devote one post to thank people who have touched my life since Jim’s death. There are many and I promise I will be brief and only give highlights. I will put some of the photos of Yellowstone in the post so you don’t get bored.

imageJennifer has been Jim’s and my yoga teacher for the past 3 years. She works at the college and part time at Rancho La Puerta, a spa just south of the border in Mexico. After Jim died she offered to take me as her guest to “The Ranch”. This was such a heartfelt gesture and of course, I went. Not only did I have a very peaceful and healing weekend there, I also got to know Jennifer better, on the drive down and back. I hiked, went to yoga and meditation classes and had all different types of massage. I came home relaxed and feeling peaceful and overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity. I continue to take yoga classes when I can. I am glad to know Jennifer not only as a teacher but also as a friend.

Tim bought a pair of Jim’s bike shoes. He had just started to bike and was planning to go on road trips this summer. Whenever I sold something of Jim’s I told them a little about his life story. Tim told me he would remember Jim when he put his bike shoes on and would send me photos of his bike trips this summer.



Adrian bought all of Jim’s beer making equipment. The night I met him and his lady we talked for about 20 minutes. Before they left I asked Adrian for one bottle of beer from his first brew. Adrian has done that and more. Before I left he came over for dinner, brought beer for that evening and a six pack for the road. We had a delightful evening. He was easy to talk with and it was fun. I brought the six bottles with me on the trip and have toasted Jim with certain friends along the way. I know Adrian is following this blog and I am glad to now include him in my circle of friends. When I return I may be asking for his services again when I choose a new laptop. Yes, that is right I have done all the blogging on my iPad.

Jason bought all of Jim’s scuba gear. He works for Sport Chalet. I met him one morning at the beach teaching a scuba class. He was very excited to see the equipment. He came to the house and bought all the equipment. I then toured him through the garage asking him about all the woodworking equipment. He told me what everything was and then offered to come over and help if I needed anything. These offers touch me so deeply.



One man, whose name I can’t remember at the moment, bought some of the stereo speakers. He runs a nursery up north. Before he left he gave me pot of mums. How nice.

When I sold Jim’s stain glass supplies I was promised a stain glass ornament. I am looking forward to that. And it is not going to have a J in it. I have never been a mushy person.

Augustin bought one of Jim’s road bikes. he also found a student who wanted to buy Jim’s vintage road bike. Augustin worked with Jim. He also offered to help me anytime I needed anything. I got to meet him and his wife. I now know why Jim thought so much of him.

I am honored to meet all these people and more. Each one has touched me deeply. And just like all of you following this blog or not I am so glad for your presence in my life.

Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin

Norris geyser Basin

Norris geyser Basin

3 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. Janet, you are fantastic!
    This blog was therapeutic for me in ways I didn’t expect. This was a portal to
    enlightenment and also my way of knowing if your computer was still working. 🙂
    I hope you make it back safe and I’ll save you some of my chocolate cherry stout when it’s time to bottle up the new beer.
    Go go Janet and RoadTrek!
    California Dreamin’ 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to get back into range for electronic communication just to tell you that YOU ARE A SHIT! How cruel is it to send a one word text “GRIZZLY” and then NOT respond to the immediate reply and leaving the person wondering if the Grizzly ate you! YIKES 😉

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