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Taking Rt 89 out of Thistle, Utah

Taking Rt 89 out of Thistle, Utah

After spending two nights in Provo, Utah and successfully (I thought) fixing my check engine light, I was off to southern Utah. The wind was so strong on I-15 that I decided to once again get off the highways and head for the rural roads. If you ever get a chance take route 89 through Utah. It is an incredibly beautiful ride.

View on Rt 89

View on Rt 89

This trip seems to have been mostly about reconnecting with long time friends. Sharon and David have been part of my family since I was in junior high school. I used to babysit their children. Sharon has been a good friend, a mother, a counselor, an astrologer and more to me over the ensuing years. She probably knows more about me than most other people, including my sisters. This whole family has been and will continue to be an important part of my life. The first people that I went to visit after Jim died was Sharon and David. I knew that I could seek them out for the love and support I needed when I was at my most vulnerable. And, they loved Jim. And, they continue to love me, unconditionally.

Zion National Park, the East Side

Zion National Park, the East Side

It doesn’t hurt that they live on the western doorstep to Zion National Park. Heh, Heh. What is better than being able to go hike and explore all day and then come home to a hot shower and dinner on the table. It is not bad, not bad at all. Jim and I have spent many wonderful moments with them and in this park. If you have never been to Zion, go. It is an amazingly beautiful place and I highly recommend it.

This visit was even more of a delight because their oldest son, David Jr. and his family, Judith (his wife) and Taylor (their daughter) were visiting. This certainly added a little extra to this visit. I met Judith many years ago when they lived near Mt St. Helens and yes I was visiting when the mountain erupted for the second time. When an event like that happens it is interesting to be with two geologists. Instead of getting in the cars and leaving, we all ran to the top of the hill to get a better view.

David Jr and I have had some adventures in the past.  Even though we stay in touch infrequently, we seem to pick up where we left off at the last meeting. David took me on my first winter camping trip, in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. Dare I mention that we got stuck in a blizzard and spent a night with a lonely couple running a lodge on Lake Superior. David had also met Jim.

David Sr, sitting,  L-R, Taylor, Judith, David Jr., Sharon

David Sr, sitting,
L-R, Taylor, Judith, David Jr., Sharon

This trip I got to meet their daughter, Taylor. I love younger people, they help me see the world through fresh eyes. She is 20 and is quite the talker. I appreciated the moments we had together talking and hiking. It was fun to add to my second family as I have never met her before.

Often when I go to this park I spend my days hiking. This time, I spent much of it helping out. Judith, Taylor and I took the dog and two cats to the vet for Sharon. I want to know why my cat can’t behave like these three animals. This was one of the best trips to the vet I have ever had. Not only did they behave themselves, they really were as content as I have ever seen three animals at the vet.

View from the west side

View from the west side

I did manage to get a hike and a walk in while i was in this magnificent place. It is not unusual to hear the phrase, “this is better than the Grand Canyon”, regarding Zion National Park. This park was always sacred to the Native People. They would often come into this park to gather and do ceremony and then leave at the end of the day. For many of us who visit it over and over again it is a sacred place to us also. Knowing places like this exist helps me to be able to live in a more crowded urban area. And, if you are so inclined-check out The Narrows. Definitely a very cool place.

I am writing this from San Diego. I arrived home last Friday night around 8 pm. I have been a busy woman since I returned. I will tell you more in my next posting.

Jim, Hiking in Zion National Park, Emerald Pools Trail

Jim, Hiking in Zion National Park, Emerald Pools Trail

2 thoughts on “Southern Utah & Home

  1. So happy you made it home safely. We loved Utah but will have to consider your route if ever we go back. Presently enjoying the coast of NH & ME.

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