Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship

Jim at work

Jim at work

I promised myself I would only do this one time around the first anniversary of Jim’s death. I am not going to be like public radio. In case you want to help though it is a worthy cause.

October marked the one year anniversary of Jim’s death. Where did the time go? It feels in many ways, just like yesterday. I know our lives move on but there are many that will carry the memory of Jim with them for years to come.

Jim had a Masters Degree in Counseling. As an administrator he was dedicated to helping college students achieve academic success. He started his career at Grossmont Community College as the Director of Admissions & Records. He ended his career as the Dean of Counseling & Student Services. Over his years at the college his caring and gentle way garnered respect from all he encountered. He was a good man.

Jim spent 24 years passionately assisting students and staff at Grossmont College. He often commented on how the people he worked with felt like family. I can think of nothing better to honor my husband and friend than to help a student through college.

Shortly after his death I started The Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship at Grossmont College. One semester this scholarship is awarded to a student in the Arts & Humanities. The next semester it is awarded to a student in the Social Sciences. I opted to have this scholarship alternate between these two majors because the two areas were a major focus of Jim’s adult life. He had a passion for both.

My goal is to continue the scholarship for many years to come. With the help of the Grossmont College Foundation I would like to make this a perpetual scholarship. I need to raise money to accomplish this. If you would like to help with this cause, all donations would be greatly appreciated

Contributions to the Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship Fund are most welcome and can be made as a one-time gift or as an ongoing donation through the Foundation.

Contributions are tax deductible.

Foundation for Grossmont & Cuyamaca Colleges (FGCC)

Mention that the contribution is for The Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship

Mail Contributions to:

Selam Gebrekristos

Scholarship Specialist

Financial Aid Office

8800 Grossmont College Dr

El Cajon, CA 92020-1799

Tax Deductible Contributions per section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code; EIN 45-2692818

With All my Heart Felt Thanks




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