Camping the Big Sur Coast & Friendship.

along the Big Sur Coast

along the Big Sur Coast

Sometimes I get caught up in my day to day events and feel they are so important and I don’t take the time to be thankful or grateful for this moment in time. Then I find out a friend of mine is fighting for her life and it throws everything back into perspective again. I thought I would take some time out of my morning chores and business and be thankful for this day, my health and remember those who struggle. I decided to write on the blog. After all, it is called “Journeys of Thankfulness”.  Although my trip last summer is over, my journey into gratefulness is not.

Janet & Diane at Point Loma

Janet & Diane at Point Loma

Two weeks ago my friend Diane, from Vermont (remember her helping me to drive across the covered bridges of VT and NH?), decided to escape the cold and the snow and head west to visit me in sunny southern CA. Funny how friends show up at the right times in my life. I have been mostly content with life now, although still missing Jim so much at times. I have been stressed a bit about life and then Diane shows up. People seem to arrived just when I need the company and a boost. I love friends. It is so good to have them in my life.

Beach Kind of Morning

Beach Kind of Morning

Right after Presidents Day we decided to pack up the RV and drive north to the Big Sur Coast of CA. I have done a lot of traveling alone and I really enjoy it yet it is so much fun to have a good travel companion. Diane and I have had our adventures over the years, backpacking the Rockies is one, and now we continue to find more to do together. The weather was perfect, the scenery grand and the company magnificent. And through all of the activity it also was relaxing. I think I might have sold Diane on RV camping as well.

I had to throw in a photo of a  Sea Otter, They are so cute.

I had to throw in a photo of a Sea Otter, They are so cute.

One of the best things about long time friends, no matter how far apart we are, we pick up right where we left off the last time we talked or saw each other. And so we did. It was a marvelous 5 day trip of remembered times and creating some new moments along the way. We hiked into the hills, slept among the redwoods, and wandered the beaches and it was so much fun. I don’ think I have laughed so much since before Jim died. I guess I had forgotten how serious I have become sometimes. I need to stop this, really. It is good to have friends who can help you remember to lighten up (and the elephant seals mating on the beach helped too).

I want to thank Diane for coming to visit. It is good to get out of my normal routine and remember how special the world is. I am an adventurer and I love to explore the natural world, books, knowledge, my internal growth and the wisdom of others. It is good to take time to remember and value what I have. I am glad I stopped this morning to remember all of person-kind and value what I have in this day. Today I am thankful.

Today I will call a friend and let them know I remember them and thank them for loving me. Here is to good friends.

Diane & Janet Toasting Friendship & a Perfect Holiday on the Big Sur Coast.

Diane & Janet Toasting Friendship & a Perfect Holiday on the Big Sur Coast.


If you would like to see all the photos from this trip here is the link.

Journeys of Thankfulness

4 thoughts on “Camping the Big Sur Coast & Friendship.

  1. Janet, I’m envious! Here you have all the sunshine and we are buckling down for another big snow/sleet…oh well, glad you are having a good time with your friend. Friends are very special and that is what keeps us rooted/going. Hugs Ruby from Indiana(BC site)

    • Ruby, I know who you are. You are a friend even if I only know you ever so slightly. Making friends from the bc web site is the best of what I could take from having the experience of breast cancer.

  2. Janet, so glad you and your friend had a good time. I can relate to your comment on laughing and being more serious. I think so much of the joy has gone out of my life since my husband’s passing. Not much to laugh about at least in my mind. But as time has gone on I think it is getting easier. I found myself laughing with a clerk in a store the other day, really laughing not just smiling and moving on! So I guess it will come to all of us in time. But I do know that I appreciate each day and the people in my life more and more. Thank you again for sharing your journey.

    • This is such a lovely comment. Thank you for responding and following this post. Your comments made me wake up to felling warm and understood. Thank you.

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