Alaska-Adventure Bound

Alaska Bound

Alaska Bound

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook that sometime I seek adventure out and sometimes adventure finds me. Well, adventure has found me. I am bound for Fairbanks, Alaska this morning and am spending about 10 or so days exploring Alaska when it is still cold and chilly outside.

How did I end up with this adventure? Last summer I started this blog “Journeys of Thankfulness”. After my second posting I recieved an e-mail from Mike who blogs for Roadtrek, FMCA and newspapers around the globe. He asked me if I would like to be a guest reporter, no money involved but he thought there might be a niche for others in a similar situation to mine (cancer survivor, and a widow) choosing to travel solo by B class RV. After some thought I said yes. I have been posting with this blog as well as my own since that time.

Ice Caves

Ice Caves

Enter Jane. Jane lives in Juneau, Alaska. We e-mailed each other our stories and became Facebook friends. A little over a week ago she posted a photo of the ice caves underneath Mendenhall Glacier. They are amazing. I responded with a comment that I wanted to see them. She said come to Alaska and, so I am.



Since then Jane has been a faithful tour agent and has arranged a trip we are embarking on together. Tonight we meet inĀ Fairbanks. This will be our first face to face meeting. We are traveling to Chena Hotsprings, hoping to catch the Aurora and enjoy a soak. And then the adventure will continue from there. I promise to blog and send photos when I have wifi access.

At the moment I am feeling blessed. Blessed that I am so well loved by so many. Blessed for my health and I am in shape to adventure forth. Blessed because my heart is open for letting others love me and willingly support me. Blessed because Alaska is there, it called (thank you Jane) and I chose to be in the moment and go. Too much fun.

2 thoughts on “Alaska-Adventure Bound

  1. How exciting! You will love it!! I was in AK in 2010 and hope to go back some day. I just smile every time I read your posts! Go Janet! Safe travels! Love ya, Pauline

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