A Visit With A Forever Friend

Janet & Chris                                               San Diego Bay

Janet & Chris San Diego Bay

There are moments when friends show up at the right time. Since I have been back from Alaska I have been feeling kind of sad and have been holing up in my house. Thank goodness I like it here. Enter my friend Chris. If you have been following my blog  through my summer journey last year, you have already met her once.

Chris and I have know each other since 1974. We were both nurses working together at Lankenau Hospital, on the Main Line, in Philadelphia. We met in the parking lot, walking into work. It was her first day of work and I started talking to her. She has reminded me more than once how she thought I was kind of weird just talking to a stranger. We have been friends ever since. She and I have gone through many phases of our lives together. I am glad, even at a distance, she is my friend.

Chris & Janet

Chris & Janet

I have been teasingly bugging her for years to come and visit me in San Diego. A week ago she did. And…she showed up at exactly the right time, when I need a diversion and someone to talk to, soul to soul. She was here for a short time, three days but they were the best days I have had in a while. We talked, ate and I became her tour guide around San Diego. She was here just at the right time. For those days that she was here the sadness lifted and I had a marvelous time with a good friend.

“There are no accidents” is a phrase I have often heard over the years. When someone, Chris,  shows up just when you need them most it makes me believe there is validity in this statement. So I am thankful for Chris and her visit to me in San Diego. It was a really fine time.



Janet & Chris Mt Soledad


Sunset Jakes at Del Mar


Glider Port La Jolla

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And…so no one worries, I am doing OK.

2 thoughts on “A Visit With A Forever Friend

  1. Interesting how that happens, huh? I am glad you had that special time together and seems like lovely weather too. The Universe does provide if we just stay aware to its gifts. I hope your days are more cheery now.

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