Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Janet!

Today is my birthday. Today I am 62 years young. Two years ago on my birthday, well let’s just say, things were happening too quickly. With the exception of Barbara, a good friend, my 6oth birthday went by unnoticed.

scan0001Last Thursday, 2 years later, on the 9th of October I finally celebrated my 60th birthday. With the help of 13 good friends we met for dinner at Solare, a delightful Italian restaurant in San Diego. We had a private room and so could enjoy each other’s company undisturbed. It was a good evening. As I sat at the head of the table and looked down the way at everyone conversing and enjoying old friends and meeting new I realized this is what life is about.

Yes it is a spiritual journey for some of us, yes it is about work for others, yes it is about whatever we choose to be interested and involved in at the moment. When it comes down to the basics of life I have decided, it is about friends. Friends who support you and care about you no matter where you are at that moment. It is about looking down the table and feeling such a warmth and goodness and feeling thankful and grateful for all those who love and support me.

This is a short post, yet I wanted to take  a moment to thank all my friends and acquaintances and people who have touched my life for an instance,  for being in my life. Thank  you for giving what you can, when you can. Thank you for loving me.

And, today…raise a toast to my 60th and 62nd birthday.

Party on.


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