Elsie’s Blog Post


Elsie Venturing Outside.

Hi, I am Elsie the cat. I am on a grand adventure. I have traveled through 9 states already and am still going. I have seen things a kitty could never imagine.

I am riding in this small and comfortable house. It moves around. I am a little nervous about it moving but when it stops I get to do some things I love.

During the driving part I sleep under the blankets. I feel safest there. As you can tell, I haven’t really seen a lot of those states I have traveled through.

I am getting brave enough to go out on a leash. I know where the door is and am beginning to ask, politely of course, to go out when we camp for the night.

Here are things that scare me.

  • People I don’t know. That is just about everyone.
  • Janet inviting people to see her RT. They come inside and I hide.
  • Big animals. For 2 nights I saw horses and mules right outside the house. They scared me A Lot!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off them, though. When the mules talked I hid.
  • Dogs.
  • Sudden movements.
  • Big bodies of water. Janet takes me down to the edge of them but I run. Where the heck did all that water come from?


OMG Big Animals!!!

Another Point of View

Another Point of View





Here are the things that make me more comfortable.

  • My stuffed toy. I like to carry it around.
  • Being fed.
  • Going outside when it is quiet. I was tracking a mouse about 2 weeks ago.
  • Knowing my new house is close by in case I get scared.

Soaking up the Rays

  • Laying in the front window and soaking up the rays. Vitamin D is good.
  • Getting a skritch when I want one.
  • Sleeping
  • Hanging out with Janet and trying to guess where we are going next.

I am now in North Carolina. For the past 4 nights I have been staying in a house. Janet’s friend Zoe offered us her house. I really like it. There is a giant screened in front porch and I can go out there and look around. No collar, no leash, just me. Sweet!!! I get to watch birds and try to stalk them. Darn that screen for being in the way. I am suspicious though that this is not going to last. I saw Janet spending time cleaning her RV yesterday. She doesn’t know I was peeking through the blinds.

I have become quite the traveling kitty. I am not fearless yet, but I am working on it.




Hanging out in the National Forest Campground.

12 thoughts on “Elsie’s Blog Post

  1. LOVED the story! And I also think it would make a great children’s book. Cats really do adapt well to traveling as long as they feel safe. It appears that Miss Elsie knows where her ‘safe’ is. Pure joy 🙂

  2. Oh Elsie, Nugget is so proud of you and says hello. He has been busy traveling as well and his Mommy has been having him model for photos everywhere. He does get a treat after. He doesn’t like too many people either plus he gets very anxious when we stop, afraid he will be left behind. He loves going out for walks and enjoys the new sights and smells. He just happens to be in your home State right now. He sleeps great at night too. Continued fun travels to you & Janet.

  3. Elsie, I’m glad you have been able to get out and see the country side. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Be brave and have fun. Phyllis

  4. Hi Janet! I am really enjoying your blog. It is lovely to have these views of your trip. Your pictures are fantastic. I hope that your back is feeling better. Sending you love and love from Beth

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