Great Adventures

IMG_0136A few days back I had stopped to fill up the ever hungry gas tank. I met Keith who was filling up his gas tank. He popped over to ask me about my Roadtrek. After touring the RV he told me he had two weeks off between jobs and was driving the Oregon Trail from St Louis to Oregon. What he was really doing was a reconnisance tour.

Keith is 63 years young. He has a deep interest in the history of the settlers who walked west to find a better life, one of new opportunities. Keith is planning to walk the trail, as close as he can to the original trail and is planning to walk it soon. He has investigated handcarts and showed me a photo of one that he thinks will fit his needs. It is made by the Amish. He has mapped his route. Unfortunately I don’t remember his target date but I know it is soon. He plans to camp for free as much as he can and has contacted organizations such as the Elks, and churches.

This man has a plan. I hope he pulls it off. You should have seen his eyes light up as he spoke of this great adventure. I think we all need great adventures in our lives. For some it is traveling to a far reaching destination. For others it may be a walk out the front door. It doesn’t matter what the adventure is. What matters, I feel, is that we reach for the unknown and make it ours.

IMG_0593I have had a lot of adventures in my life, some small and some much larger. One of my great adventures was getting married. Jim and I had a marvelous life together for 21 years. I miss him still. Since his death I am on another grand adventure. Traveling is fun and I have been enjoying seeing so many new places and meeting new people. I don’t think this is the grand adventure. I feel that all this travel is my way of looking for that next great adventure in my life. It frustrates me to not be able to identify it. At the same time it is OK. What is the saying “sometimes it is the journey that is important, not the destination”?

I am not always patient. I am learning to be, thanks to yoga and meditation and learning and being alive this long. Age does help in expanding my conciousness. Sometimes you have to live a while to “get it”, whatever it is.

I am sitting on my mat in the middle of the Piedras Forest in Southern Colorado. I have soaked in the hot springs at Pagosa Hota Springs and by the time I post this I will be on my own mini-adventure.

IMG_8759In 1996 Jim and I bought 45 acres of property in the Four Corners area outside of the town of Durango. We were planning to build a straw bale home, live off the grid and enjoy retirement in southern Colorado.

When we got close to planning our next grand adventure, we kept getting bad news. First breast cancer (Janet) and then salivary gland cancer (Jim) and then the metastasis of the later. Plans had been drawn up and we were slowly working through everything. When we both needed medical treatment, the plans for building came to a stand still.

IMG_8750This is my first trip to the property since Jim died. It has been emotionally very hard for me to think of this land and coming out here to figure out what is next for this property. As I arrived back in the USA from Canada on this current trip, I decided it was time to come south and go sit on the property and figure out what the next step might be. If I can’t figure it out, I at least can say hello to this beautiful piece of property and enjoy it for a few nights.

Nothing needs to be done in haste.

Wish me well on this mini-adventure. I feel that I can use all the support I can get.

IMG_0588 IMG_0137






When the next grand adventure appears, I hope I can see it for what it is and grab a hold and go along for the ride.

Today I am thankful for grand and mini-adventures. Today I am thankful for my friends. Today I am thankful for all the followers of this blog.

9 thoughts on “Great Adventures

  1. Hello Janet. I love your posts and your Spirit! When you asked us to wish you well on your mini-journey I was immediately inspired to write you a little diddie, a song on Native American flute. I can send it to an email address or a phone number. You choose.

  2. Janet,
    You will find your way, one moment at a time. It can be scary being on the journey alone, but enjoy the ride. My husband passed 2 years ago. I am learning new things every day, about myself and the people around me. Cherish the good friends, and make new ones along the way. Sharing your travels is good, not only for you, but for your readers also. So many thoughts have come to me in these 2 years, but they are difficult to share with people who don’t understand my journey. Thanks for sharing your “new” world with us!

  3. Hi Janet
    You make my day when I see you have a new blog. I love hearing about the people you meet along the way, so interesting. You give me courage to try new things. Thank you and safe travels. Sandy

  4. What a beautiful property , know I understand the reason u wanted to build a house and live there , Thanks so much for sharing all your amazing trips , I could only wish to do the same someday . 💜Melanie

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  5. I am thankful for your blog and your ability to step outside your box!! I thought of you this past August when I rented a beach house on Long Beach Island in NJ. I did it without asking anyone….and what do you know….people came!! Even though I don’t know you very well I thought of you while sitting on the beach all day and into the sunset!!! You would have loved it!

  6. Janet, it is good that you are going back to the land. Listen to the land, and it will help you find that next adventure. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  7. Janet, it is good you are going back to the land. Listen to the land; it will help you find your next adventure.
    Looking forward to your return.

  8. My favorite quote is “One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things” – Henry Miller. This has reminded me to take one day at a time on my journey and I hope that you find the answer you’re seeking.

    Safe Journey!

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