Wrapped in the Loving Arms of Friends

Friday morning I left the land and started moving west. It was hard to leave. I have made such good friends in southern Colorado. Deana, Ron and Miss Carrie kept trying to get me to stay longer. I need to return to San Diego, though.

I left the loving support of my Colorado friends, only to arrive in Flagstaff and be swept up into the loving arms of a good friend, Sharon and her extended family.

For thIV fluidsose of you who have been following my blog since it’s conception, you might remember this photo. It was the first stop of the first trip and Sharon ended up in the ICU. It was touch and go for a few days. She made a miraculous recovery and, at 80 is going strong. She is independent and feisty and I love her.

Because I was instrumental in saving her life that morning, her wild extended family has taken me in. I am honored. Her five children are delightful and very different from each other. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren are beyond delightful, so full of life and adventure. Even though they complain about each other, they are tight and love being in each others company.

Sharon & Janet

Sharon a year later

When I went in to give Sharon a hug, a greeting, she announced to me that there would be a fish fry that evening as two of her grandsons had just come back from a very successful fishing trip in San Diego. By the time everyone arrived, ages 8 and up there were at least 15 people in the kitchen. This family, I believe will be eternally grateful to me for helping save their mom. I am eternally grateful to know the delight of a very loving and happy extended family which now includes me. We all save each other.

Sharon, and 2 grandchildren, Jared and Jaimie

Sharon, and 2 grandchildren, Jared and Jaimie

Ken (son), Jared & Jaimie

Ken (son), Jared & Jaimie








Everyone took over the kitchen. At one point of time or another all her extended family has lived with her in this delightful house. They know where everything is and they make themselves feel very at home.

The fish tacos were yummy and the company was better. I loved being swept up in this loud and outgoing group. When I am with them I am definitely part of the family. They tease me and joke with me and I feel so welcomed.


When I left yesterday morning to head home, I found it hard to leave. I love being loved and supported. I loved the fact that from the smallest one to the oldest, Sharon, I got hugs. I miss hugs. They are grateful and I am grateful. It makes for a great combination.

Seeing my friends from Alamosa, CO through Flagstaff, AZ was a great end to this summer’s journey (Fred & Judy, Deana, Ron, Miss Carrie, Sharon and the whole clan). Friends are wonderful and I have so many fine ones. I can almost weep for the joy of it. Even though I am on my own now, they remind that I truly am not. I am so surrounded by so many each moment of my day.


Now I am home and I promise you the postings are not over yet. Elsie is eyeing the computer as I speak.

Today I am beyond grateful for friends…All of Them.

3 thoughts on “Wrapped in the Loving Arms of Friends

  1. True friends are there, we just need to reach out some times but so very happy for your experiences and Welcome Home to you and Elsie. I bet she was excited.

  2. You are truly blessed to have so many friends. I’m so glad you were able to make your trip and just as happy you are home safe and sound. God Bless You and I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful stories.

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