I hesitated,briefly about scripting this post. It is two days post election and there are the jubilant winners and there are the grief stricken losers. Yesterday as I worked my way around the county doing errands there was a strange and different energy out there. It almost felt like a waiting. Waiting for the grief and anger and all other emotions to pause so that daily life can pick up again.

This was a bitter and hard campaign for both sides. There was a lot of anger and frustration around this election that I don’t believe I have seen before. Were either candidates one hundred percent qualified to lead? No. Were either candidates without a past? No. To me it reflected a bit like the United States Civil War. Families were divided and still are. Friends were divided and still are. Country vs city. White collar worker vs blue collar worker.

I have pondered so much and wonder how did our country ever come to this moment? I don’t know. We can blame politics as usual, wealthy vs poor, employed vs unemployed. People talk about feeling disenfranchised. The disenfranchised have won this election. The people who supported anyone else, are, I believe, feeling a bit disenfranchised at this moment.

Here is what I believe happened when the election results came in. All the anger, hatred and hostility from both sides, spiritually was in a big balloon, and the size of it kept getting bigger and bigger. When the election results came in, it burst and the pall that lay over San Diego, our country and the world yesterday were all those hard emotions that have now spread through all people. Grief, sadness, anger frustration, hostility and the unknown spread throughout the world.

Now we have to pick up the pieces. We as humans are very good at picking up the pieces. For those of you who think others should just get over it, I ask you to be kind. Recognize that your friends and family members need a few days to grieve. Give them that space. Let them grieve and gently put your arms around them and understand that all those people need some time and love. Then, as always, the human spirit will prevail and life will become a bit more whole again.


For those of us who feel grief, I say grieve and be kind. Be kind to those who believe differently than you. Love them for who they are. Once the strength of grief is past, pull yourself together and take a correct type of action. Get involved. Join groups, peacefully protest become a part of the process. I know that these two candidates have a lot of money. They both started somewhere though. I know Trump came from a wealthy family but Hillary did not. Many of our politicians did not come from money. They did get involved and brought themselves up through years in the political process. Where do you want to start? Where do I want to start?

Grief is a hard place to be in. I know this as Jim, my husband and best friend, died four years ago. Those of you who are grieving, do it. Don’t stay there, though. Grief is a hard place to remain in. The world goes by and you are not a part of it. You cannot work for change you can’t really do anything but grieve. Acknowledge your grief and then slowly when you are ready pick up the pieces and take positive action. Be involved with your life and the planet.

I know there are protests going on around the United States. It is all that frustration, anger and more that was once in that balloon. It is so strange to think that everyone is feeling disenfranchised. It is a hard moment in time. I truly believe we are all here to assist in transitions, personal, country and world wide. The question I am not quite ready to ask myself is, what is my purpose at this time? I need a few more days and then I will also pick myself up and figure out how I might want to take action.

For all those who are angry I would like to encourage you to direct your anger toward positive change. Let anger become your ally. If you can, don’t let anger create a negative environment to thrive in.

Mostly I ask all of you who might read this to support all those around you, People of Color, Muslims, the LGBT community and all those who are fearful of what January may bring. I always believed we are a country that supports everyone. I know many of you, at this time, do not feel this. Then we just need to work harder to remember this and support those around you. America is one of the most diverse countries in the world and it is about time we supported everyone’s diversity. So I implore you to do just that support diversity and be kind and compassionate to those who are struggling.

I understand that there is way more involved here than what I have written. Today these are my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Thanks for your positive thoughts Janet. I agree wholeheartedly that there is much to be learned from this and the best approach is to be positive, kind and accepting. Move forward in a respectful way and do what we can to ‘do the right thing’. Acting out, gloating and extremes may have been inevitable but not the one taken on by the majority. Be kind to each other and the planet. If there is a way to stop history from constantly repeating itself with power through greed… no matter what side you believe in….that should be the goal. Looking back even to the period of the crusades, wow…not so good. Money and greed and conquering… not so humane. Let’s create a better way to live and love and interact!

  2. Janet
    I would like to share the mood on the midAtlantic coastal communities.
    There has been great joy and jubilation knowing that Christian prayer will return to our White House and government. The rule of law will be followed again and hopefully our Constitution.

    It makes us happy knowing that police will once again be respected, our veterans will receive needed treatment, our prayers and patriotic flag displays are legal and the Christmas season displays in area will be respected.

    People are not saying Trump won the election but God has heard America’s prayers. If we can all work together change will be positive.

    • Bill, thank you for your comment. My God has always been in the White House. The God I believe in and was raised with is everywhere. That being said, I believe in the separation of church and state. Our government is for all people not just those with Christian beliefs. That separation is one of the basic foundations of our county. Just saying.

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