Have a Look Around

imagesHave you ever taken a look around this blog?  Depending on whether you have a phone or lap top or computer, the site looks different but all the logistics are there. I know many of you read my blog through Facebook, LinkedIn or Google. With the current issue regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytics, I know some people are considering pulling out of Facebook. You may want to follow this blog another way.

There is another way to read and follow my blog. If you are on a computer or laptop or a tablet (iPad), on the left hand side of the screen, and you scroll under the picture of my Roadtrek, you will find a message that either says that you can follow this blog or that you are already following it. If you click on this it will lead you to a form to sign up to follow the blog. With each new post you will receive an e-mail informing you that there is a new post. There is no advertisement, no signing in. All you need to do is give an e-mail so you can receive a notification.

Next down the left side is a photo of my website. After five months of preparation my photography web site went live about four months ago. If you click on this picture it will take you to my web site, jarnoldarts.com. You can explore and enjoy the photos. All photos are for sale.

The green Go Fund Me is a way that you can contribute to the Jim Fenningham Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was set up shortly after my husband, Jim, died of cancer. He was involved with the Community College system in California for 25 years. His belief in higher education never wavered. He supported the college and the students one hundred percent. The scholarship is now perpetual, yet, donations are always gratefully received.

As most of you know my great nephew, Ward is dealing with cancer treatment. He is almost two years old. He has one month of chemotherapy to go. Caring Bridge is a web site where you can follow Ward’s story. It has been helpful for his parents not to have to tell his story over and over again. You can leave messages of support.

Underneath this information are books that I have read that I really love and yes if you contact me I will add others. Some of the websites that I follow and are important to me are underneath the book dropdown list. You may want to check some of these out. They are varied and interesting.

The Archives finish this left side. If you click on them you can read past posts. These date back to July 2013 when this blog was first started.

There it is. Take some time to explore. It is always good to pause and read more than the post on many blogs. I enjoy exploring the blogs I follow. There are often little tidbits on these sites that I find interesting. I get to know the person a little bit. I enjoy the photos and it helps draw me back to read more.


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