End of Chemotherapy-Yay


This will not be a long post but….I wanted to let my followers know that today my great nephew Ward got to ring the bell. Chemotherapy is done. Yay. Today Ward and his family and friends celebrated the end of this phase of his treatment. There was a party at National Children’s Hospital of Columbus (Ohio) to celebrate this milestone.


Ward arrived at the Magic Forest, off the lobby of the hospital, to be greeted by friends and family to celebrate. With the help of his parents he rang the bell and the celebration was on. Cake was eaten, well Ward, I heard, ate enough icing for four adults.





Below are photos of family celebrating for Ward in different areas of the country.

Aunt Adrienne

Grandparents and parents

Florida Grandparents


Great Uncle Frank

Cousin Quinn


Great Aunt Ginny

Now everyone is home and probably tucked in for the night. My sister Ruth and her husband, Joe are there and I am sure everyone is taking a deep breath and letting it out. No more chemo trips to Children’s for them.

Although frequent CT scans are in the future for several years to come, right now Ward can become a toddler. He will have to be careful to stay away from the sick adults and children. He will, however be able to do more and more and become a normal social toddler.

I could not be more proud of my niece and her husband. They function as a loving and caring unit. I am glad they are part of our family.

It was a good day today.

3 thoughts on “End of Chemotherapy-Yay

  1. We missed you at the bell ringing! It was a good day with family, friends, doctors and others who supported us through this journey.

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