Elsie Goes on an Adventure

I don’t know why Janet decided to title this post “Elsie Goes on an Adventure”, she was asleep, how would she know?

We are in the desert. It is kind of dry and windy and sandy. I am so happy to be here. This is my favorite dirt to roll in. There is just enough grit in it to give my back a little skritch. It feels, so good. And the smells, oh they are wonderful. I look down the little holes that are around the bushes and even stick my paws in them.

I am usually on a halter and leash when I go outside. I am never sure why Janet insists on it. I am a cat after all and I can go where I want. She mentions coyotes and mountain lions. I am not sure what they are but I bet I could handle them. I am not allowed out after dark. Who are those mysterious things that live in the darkness.

The first night we got here, Janet went to visit the next door neighbor and you know, she left the door open. I did not even have on my leash. I decided that she must trust me enough, and decided to go out exploring. Just as it was getting good, Janet came back to the rig and I high-tailed it for the door. She was really surprised and so was I. I had no idea that being on my own with no limits could be so fascinating. She was surprised because I was not on my leash. I was surprised when she saw me. 


We have been in the desert for over a week. I spend most of my days sleeping and eating and dreaming of another free flight. Last night I got my chance. Janet left one of the front doors open, just enough so I could slip out. Now she will never know whether I took advantage of it or not. And, I am not going to tell. Heh Heh. Janet did notice some interesting footprints outside that door this morning. Some of them could have been mine or not. Besides the little tiny prints there were dog looking prints as well. Were there coyotes or foxes out there? Inquiring minds would like to know. I think I will leave it up to you to create your own story. My secret is safe with me.

I am sleeping in the front seat now dreaming of my last night adventure. I am so glad to have this little house on wheels. It is blowing like crazy outside. If I went out now I would have to hunker down and make my ears flat. Instead I am inside, snug and secure and napping.


3 thoughts on “Elsie Goes on an Adventure

  1. that’s why they have nine lives – i’m amazed that Fiona is still with us after 15 years of escape artist shenanigans.

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