Surgery Complete-Recovery Mode in Full Swing

The New Kaiser Hospital

Surgery is done. I am in recovery mode at the moment and feeling very thankful and grateful to my friends who are helping me and Miss Elsie the Cat.

Here are a few things I have learned. Because I had a similar surgery done last April, no two surgeries are alike. Removing half a thyroid is different than removing the other half. When one has half a thyroid left there are certain things that one doesn’t have to be as concerned about.

A few logistics are needed here. I won’t detail it too much as I prefer none of you to get funny or pass out.  There are these little glands, four of them that sit on or next to the thyroid, known as the parathyroids. They control calcium in our bodies. Most of us know that calcium is important to our bone growth. Did you know that calcium is important to muscles as well? Those little parathyroids sometimes like to go into shock when they are manipulated or handled. It can cause a dip, sometimes a big dip in the calcium and our heart may not work so well if that happens.

Why is this important? I ended up spending the night in the hospital post-surgery so that my calcium level could be monitored, just in case. Everything went well and I was discharged the following morning. I was surprised to find out I would be staying. Cynthia, my major support person was surprised as well.

An example of the rooms in the new hospital.

In view of the larger picture, this was just a small blip. If I had to stay in a hospital for the night I could not have been in a better place. The Kaiser hospital in San Diego is brand new. On the floor where I stayed, every room was private. Cool. When they wheeled me in I discovered a beautiful view of Mission Trails Regional Park and Miramar- the Marine base. There was the hugest TV I have ever seen hanging on the wall in front of the bed. I could watch TV, I could watch movies, I could surf the internet, I could watch videos about my health. I could even order my meals, all on that screen.

Remember that I live in about a 200 square foot space so this room and all the amenities were amazing. Drawn behind the TV screen was a picture of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the Anza Borrego State Park. I love the desert, so it was nice to see a view I know well and love.

Beyond all the amenities was the staff. The nurses, aides, and student nurses were amazing and kind and generous with their time. They let me sleep through the night. Yes!!!! Everyone cared for me well and lovingly. I was in good hands with people who appeared to love their job and cared about me.

Now I am back at Cynthia’s and Ward’s, recovering, being fed and loved. Today I am achy and sore, tomorrow I am sure I will be better. It is hard to be patient and allow myself the downtime to recover. Usually, the body wins out and off I go to take a nap.

Miss Elsie, meanwhile is hanging out with Nancy a long and good time friend, who Elise has always liked. I am sure she is getting loved and cared for. I hope Nancy is enjoying her company as well. Elsie can be Miss Personality when she chooses.

So, there is an update. I am still alive and working on thriving again. I will know the biopsy results in about ten working days. My main job currently is to rest and recover and enjoy the attention.

Thank you, all of you for your support and caring and loving thoughts as I worried my way into and out of surgery. Today I am thankful for every single one of you, known and unknown who encourage me and support me through my life.

Yes, I am still breathing.


10 thoughts on “Surgery Complete-Recovery Mode in Full Swing

  1. Dearest Janet, Thank you very much for letting us know how you are. I send you very much love and look forward to seeing you soon, for the next steps of our healing journey. Love Beth

    On Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 11:49 AM Journeys of Thankfulness wrote:

    > JanetA posted: ” Surgery is done. I am in recovery mode at the moment and > feeling very thankful and grateful to my friends who are helping me and > Miss Elsie the Cat. Here are a few things I have learned. Because I had a > similar surgery done last April, no two surgeries” >

  2. Janet……… thank you for letting us know how the surgery went. Enjoy your time of being pampered by your friends. Keep in touch with your long distance friends. we are sending prayers and warm thoughts. katy

  3. So wonderful to hear from you and still praying for good results from your doctor. Relax, breathe, get strong, sleep, eat and hopefully you’ll be living life with Elsie in your less than 2,000 sq foot RT before you know!! 😉🙏🙏

  4. Janet –

    Glad you are in recovery mode and in good hands! We send our love and many ((HUGS)) your way. We are back from our trip and in packing mode for our next adventure to Idaho. If you’d like us to care for and enjoy your kyaks in between your open invitation to visit… let us know, we can work out the details together. Love, MJ and Jeff

  5. I’m glad you are recovering well and that you are still breathing. I breathing with you. Love and hugs for you and Miss Elsie. Love your safari photos.

  6. Continue to breathe Janet! 🙂 So glad surgery went well and that you’re well taken care of.
    I had one of the 4 parathyroïds removed in 2012. Other than some ‘growing pains’ type feelings in my legs, I had no real symptoms at the time, but my very capable primary care doctor diagnosed it when she noticed that my calcium levels were ‘off the chart’! Post surgery, I researched the role of the thyroid and parathyroïds and learned to respect this important gland!
    So I’m curious… now that you thyroid is all gone, will you need to be on some specific medication that would mimic its functions?

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