Impatiently Recovering

Walking the Beach-Helps in Healing

It has been a week since I had the other half of my thyroid removed. I am recovering well. I tend to overdo it a bit, then I have to rest up for a day and try again. Sitting still or lounging around has never been me. I like to hike. I like to bike. I like to walk on the beaches. I like to be busy.

Today I went over to my storage unit, yes I do have one of those, and by the time I got there, I did not feel so well. I sat inside my storage unit and pondered why I felt so awful. Oh right, I had major surgery a week ago. Oh right, I have not been drinking enough liquids. Catching a ride with Lyft, I found my way back to the RV park I am staying in and have been lounging the afternoon away and drinking lots of fluids.

The really, really, really good news is that I am cancer-free. The biopsy came in at the end of the week with no trace of cancer. Yes!!! I immediately felt a bit lighter on all levels of my being. The decisions are not done as I have to decide whether I will do the radioactive iodine treatment. I will see both doctors over the next few weeks and will listen to their advice, yet this is a decision I will need to make for myself.

One of the phrases that has been a part of my life since I was diagnosed with breast cancer is “Get all the input you can, make your decisions and then don’t look back”. With that in mind, I am researching radioactive iodine.

Elsie and I moved back into our home on wheels on Tuesday. I am hidden at the back of the campground at Santee Lakes. Although the water is a distance away, I am enjoying the low visitor impact in the back. Each night I hear the coyotes, so you know that Miss Elsie is in before dark.

I am feeling very grateful for my friends, Cynthia, and Ward (who took care of me) and Nancy (who took care of El). Because of their caring and support, I believe that everything went much smoother. My recovery would be flawless if I had remained at my friend’s home. I may not have found myself pushing too far too quickly. That is a lesson that I continue to need to learn.

My friends have been calling and reaching out. I am glad to be remembered. It reminds me, that even at my lowest moments, I am loved and supported by many. I am remaining grateful and thankful for such good friends.

I am so thankful for a No Cancer Moment.


6 thoughts on “Impatiently Recovering

  1. I am thankful for a No Cancer result with you. Do create balance and rest till your full strength returns. Even with no cancer not having a thyroid can bring on other symptoms. I know you are an intelligent woman and do your research and I continue to keep you in prayer. Whatever choice is made, I wish you a speedy recovery! Hugs! 😊❤

  2. Janet this is amazing to hear! Please relax and take care of yourself. And when you are hiking and biking again remember this time that you gave to yourself. You let your battery recharge and that’s what your body needed. Best wishes!

  3. You are loved, admired and appreciated by the many lives you touch and reach out to in many ways. We are thankful and grateful that your biopsy results are ‘cancer free’ from your recent surgery. We look forward to seeing you Monday and so very honored that you chose us to look after and enjoy the kyaks that you and Jim created by hand! Family… loving family. Thank you for allowing us into your world and into your heart. Come visit and ride your kayaks in Idaho. We love you dearly, MJ and Jeff

  4. Janet- So thankful that your surgery reports show no signs of cancer and that you are on the road to recovery! We look forward to seeing you Monday and so appreciate that we will have the honor of looking after your kayaks at our new home on the lake in Idaho. We look forward to seeing you and Miss Elsie and watching you kayak on your visits! Love, MJ and Jeff

  5. What wonderful news regarding NO CANCER!!! So happy to hear this. Know many have you in their hearts although you may not know us. Continue your gentle self-care and take it slow. It will all come in time. Congratulations!!!!

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