Idaho Summer-Sheltering in Place

Two weeks ago I bid farewell to my friends that I have been sheltering in place with, moved into my RV and began a journey north and east to Idaho for the summer.

After feeling safe and protected in San Diego it was a bit of a surprise to get out into the rest of the world. I decided to drive up the coast. I am not one who delights in hot weather so I decided that sticking to the coast was my best option.

BIG MISTAKE!! As I traveled toward Santa Barbara and up the Big Sur Coast I discovered that many out there in the world must not believe the whole Covid-19 thing exists. There was no social distancing, no masks and the coast was packed. I have seen few people until this and it was a rude awakening. I kept driving until I arrived in Monterey (night 2). I stayed in a campground near the ocean for the night. Thankfully that beach was quiet and essentially deserted.

After a short visit with friends in Medford Oregon, I traveled east and arrived in west-central Idaho for the summer. I am blessed with many good friends in my life. I appreciate all of them every single day I am alive.

Linda in pink & Mary on the White Rim Trail

I met Linda Roadtreking in the desert east of San Diego. Yes, she was there for my fateful fall and broken ankle event. It appears that sealed our friendship. We have traveled together since, most notably the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park with another mutual friend, Mary.

Three years ago she offered me the use of her cottage (really a summer home) near McCall, Idaho. It is in the mountains. I enjoyed my time there so much. I went hiking and kayaking and biking and enjoyed the magic of a mountain spring and summer.

I am back. When I was trying to decide how to give my San Diego friends their home back I thought of this lovely home in the mountains, not being used. I asked Linda and her husband Steve how they would feel about me accessing their home again. The answer was a resounding yes. And, here I am ready for another summer in the mountains. And more importantly, I feel safe once again. McCall has a masks on policy. Albertson’s has a grocery curbside pick-up. I have even stopped on my one grocery outing to grab a banana pancake breakfast to go.

What have I been doing? I have been biking and hiking and walking and really taking lots of pics of the beautiful still blooming wildflowers. I am still acclimating to altitude so I am giving myself time to adjust, though I am up to 15-mile bike rides at present. Soon I will go and discover the kayaking rentals and get on the lake. Cascade Lake is close to my door and there is a kayak rental place nearby. I am ready.

The nice thing about being in this home is that Linda has given me Carte Blanche. I have been weeding and yesterday I moved two small pine trees to new homes on the property. It is nice to be able to work with my hands and be in the gardens and yard.

I am not a stay at home type of girl. I will plan some camping trips to nearby National Forests and campgrounds. There are new places for me to hike and explore. I am sure there are plenty of photos waiting to be taken as well.

Here I am, feeling grateful, feeling thankful and enjoying my summer in the high country.


4 thoughts on “Idaho Summer-Sheltering in Place

  1. So glad to hear you are in another safe place. It’s scary out there!! Take care and enjoy your summer. What a gift to be able to stay in a place that you are able to do what you want.

  2. We hope to get to the Sun Valley area sometime this fall.
    Your spot looks wonderful. Maybe our paths will cross again.
    I love all your photos.

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