An Idaho Adventure Approaches an End

Coming to an end. So much of my life is about coming to ends. So much of my life is about beginnings. My summer Idaho adventure is coming to a close. Each time the temperature drops I think about leaving. Then the temperature warms up and I make the decision to stay longer. Fall is a glorious time to be in the mountains. It is warm during the day and chilly at night and the colors of the trees are changing.

I have had a quiet, relaxing, and wonderful summer here in the mountains of Idaho. It is hard to leave. I like being in the country. I like riding my road bike for miles and not have to worry about cars. I can hike a trail or take a walk and not see another soul. I have walked more than hiked. I love being able to walk outside my door and go.

I love that people are nice to me when I have adventured into the public. These adventures in public have been minimal. I see my chiropractor-he is the only one who I see on a regular basis (masks up, hands cleaned and table wiped down). Every Wednesday I go to the Farmers Market in Donnelly (managed by nurses, masks, and social distancing a must).

I have not always been happy being alone yet as the summer and early fall have progressed I have found comfort within myself. I have finally given myself time to grieve over the loss of Elsie. I can finally look at pictures of her and smile. I am still working on the guilt of leaving the RV door open, yet even that is softening. Things are hard at times in all of our lives. The country and the kindness of people have helped me soften and be kind to myself.

I have adventured out. I have discovered places that I love and return to often. As the Cascade Lake and Reservoir has drained due to lack of rain and need of water for the cities south of here, the dry-lake bed has become one of my favorite places to explore. I have gotten mucky and dirty, yet I return there again and again. The birdlife has been wonderful. Noone else is nearby. I can spend hours on the dry-lake bed.

I usually walk to the lake at least three times a week. I found the Sandhill Cranes active on the dry bed and they alone, draw me back time and again. There are large flocks of White Pelicans that entertain me every time I am there. They are beautiful to catch mid-flight. I am not so good at identifying the myriad of ducks but love to see them doing their duck things and catch them in flight. It is peaceful and relaxing. I spend a lot of my time sitting and waiting to see what will happen next. Waiting is what wildlife photographers do best. The cranes are so quiet in flight (as long as they don’t make a sound), and often surprise me when they fly right over my head.





A few weeks back the owners of the house and dear friends came for a week. Linda and Steve have been social distancing in Boise. Steve works for Micron where they test their employees frequently. Linda is recovering from medical issues so she has been distancing. After some discussion, we decided that we would be OK to be in the same house. Isn’t it interesting that this has to be part of the subject of conversation now?

Dusky Grouse

We had a good low key week together. Like many places in the western US Idaho has been dealing with smoke. The week that Linda and Steve were here the valley was smoked in. The smoke was not encouraging us to go out yet, we did manage an adventure into the mountains north of here. It was a special moment when we saw a dusky grouse near Upper Payette Lake.

I absolutely enjoyed the company and am planning to camp in their driveway in Bosie for a few days when I leave here. It is good to have good friends that like and enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. To top off the visit I also had the company of three cats and Poncho the Pooch. The true delight for me? Misty the cat slept on my bed every night. It was so comforting and a delight to have a warm body next to me once again. Needless to say, I enjoyed the company of a kitty on my bed once again.

Over the past week, I have been getting my rig ready to roll. Cleaning, dusting, washing, waxing, and more. She is beginning to look spiffy. She is looking like she is ready to roll.

As I enjoy my last days here, this year, I am looking forward to the next new adventure, another new beginning.

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