Mouse Zero, Janet Won, Again

I have owned my Roadtrek since 2013. I have had many interesting and unique experiences with my tiny home on wheels.

One of the more unique experiences was discovering wet tar on my tires in the middle of no-where Wyoming. I spent half of a day slowly peeling the tar off my tires so the tread would be visible and work again.

In the past six months I have had a new encounter and situation dealing with little creatures in my rig. I encountered a desert mouse while I was in Phoenix. It decided that my rig was going to be a good home. I did not think so. I was able to successfully live-trap it and send it back to the desert.

I am in Salinas, CA for a month. I am taking care of Woody the cat and house sitting for another fellow Roadtreker and friend while she is off exploring the California desert.

I left San Diego, five days ago and did a rather quick meander up the coast of Southern and Central California. I spent two days on the Big Sur Coast camping within a stones throw of the Pacific Ocean. My Campsite was prime. The sunsets were amazing. And…there was no cell phone service. I was in nature. Sometimes I need these moments to ground myself and find wholeness once again.

Nature comes with less pleasant sides. Mosquitos or ants come to mind. I am not a big fan of snakes but I believe they have a place in the wild and I can respect their presence.

My second night camping at the perfect campground, I had a visitor in my rig. Oh no, another mouse. This one was much smaller and of course I only found out I had this vistor after I went to bed and could hear this little field mice exploring in my only storage cabinet with a hole in it. It is funny how loud mouse nails can be when it is quiet at night.

I wanted to catch this little mouse and I wanted to catch it alive. I really wanted to introduce it to a nice wilderness to live in rather than my warm cozy rig. Since I left my live trap in San Diego my first stop was Home Depot. There were all types of traps, set to kill. Finally I found a live trap.

The Game was on. I set two traps, one on the floor and one on the kitchen counter and let it be for the night. Sunday morning arrived early. I went to the rig and there the mouse was, safely tucked into the delicious peanut butter trap.

Mandy and I took a short drive this morning and delivered the mouse to nice riparian area along a small river in the Salinas Valley. Once again it was free to explore. And…hopefully my RV is now free of little creatures. Just to be sure, the traps are set again tonight.

I believe I am ready to get down on my hands and knees and begin to explore entry spots in my rig. It is time to make it harder for little grassland and woodland creatures to enter my rig and set up house.

RV and small house living continues to give me new adventures and experiences. The challenges help me grow and become stronger and surer.

Today I am thankful for new plans and adventures. Today I am thankful for a little field mouse living strong and independent in the wild.

7 thoughts on “Mouse Zero, Janet Won, Again

  1. We knew we had mice in our lovely wool insulated Sprinter walls when Annie started sniffing and scratching at walls. Once they were relocated we sealed up more thoroughly. Annie remains our ever vigilant early warning system!

  2. You talk about house sitting. Is there somewhere that you find places to house sit. We travel for 3 months in the summer and would love to find someone to house sit for us. We were surprised how hard that is to find someone. We live in Wausau Wisconsin

    Love your adventures. We traveled Whidbey Island last summer and thought of you while we were there.

    Babs Zehren 715-581-8394


  3. Hi Janet, we are now in San Felipe with our Roadtrek facing the beach. We’ll stay a couple of days as we meander the length of Baja.

  4. Hi Janet!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures and the lovely photos. I can agree, hearing the scribble scrabble sound of rodent feet in your food area does not inspire rest! I love your humane and loving solution. 💕💕

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