Woody the Cat Tells His Tail

Hi, I am Woody the cat. I am new to this experience of telling my story. Janet says that Elsie, her kitty, would write on here and I decided to try.

I live with a really nice person. Her name is Mandy. I also live with a rather rambunctious dog, Rocky. I like living with them. They let me cuddle and visit when I want to. If Rocky gets too much for me I go to my private retreat, under the bed.

Mandy likes to travel in her “Roadtrek”. It is a big, well to me, a really giant house on wheels. When I look out the front window I see another one that is not quite as big in the driveway. Mandy has gone on holiday. She leaves and then she comes back. I have no idea where she goes. As long as she comes back I am good with that. I am also glad I don’t have to ride in it, I am not sure about this riding in a moving object. Rocky goes with her. Phew, I have some dog-free time to do what cats do, sleep, eat, sleep, get brushed, sleep, and snuggle and cuddle and sleep. I am good at snuggling and cuddling.

I am resting

When Mandy goes away I often go to Scott’s and Megan’s house. I like being there but I don’t like having to be caught and put in a tiny box and driving in a car to get there.

Guess what? This time when she left, I got to stay here. I am really happy with this arrangement. The day before Mandy left, Janet showed up. Ooh, I have heard she likes kitties. I don’t know where she came from. I have no idea how long she is here. No one ever tells me anything. Maybe it is because I don’t care. I am a cat.

Janet says she is house sitting and cat sitting for me. I am good with that. And…I get her all to myself. She is really nice to me and I get my needs met and a little more. I am good with this arrangement. I sleep with her every night. She lets me snuggle by her head or anywhere else I want. I get petted and sometimes she carries me around. She also feeds me and gives me treats. What else can a cat ask for? Well…I would like to go outside but she says no, even though I tell her it is OK. Sigh.

Look at the tail. My pride and joy.

Before I go take a look at my tail. My tail is beautiful and I carry it proudly. It goes straight up and then curls to my back. It is a fine feature and one of my best. All kitties should be so lucky.

It’s nice to meet you and I might just write again. It depends on when I can get to the computer. It depends on whether I am sleeping.

2 thoughts on “Woody the Cat Tells His Tail

  1. Hey Woody, you couldn’t have found a finer human to hang with, while your family is out! Boo and Buddy will be looking forward to hearing more of your adventures with Janet!

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