Woody the Cat, Checking In

Hi, this is Woody the cat here.

Sunday, the door opened and there was Mandy and Rocky the dog. Where did they come from? First, they leave, I get used to them being gone, and then just like there they are. Hmm.

Janet told me that she is leaving. What’s with that? Why does everyone keep coming and going? I don’t know. I don’t really care a lot as long as my needs as “King Cat” get met. What are my needs? Eating, yes I like doing that. Sleeping. Ooh, I like that too. Being petted is always a good idea.

It has been an interesting month with Janet. I moved from Mandy and my bedroom to the guest bedroom. At first, I would come in at night and sleep with Janet. I like to snuggle. Then I decided that I really liked that bed and after Janet was up I decided to stay. She seemed to be surprised at this but why go to another room when that bed is already warm. It is easier to just stay where everything is broken in.

Janet came and went. Most days she disappeared for a while and then she came back. She brought back interesting smells with her. A lot of it smelled like salt and outdoors. Once in a while, she came back smelling like food. She told me that she goes kayaking. I am not sure what that is but it involves water. I don’t think I would like that. Water is for drinking. Mandy sometimes squirts me with it. Water for drinking is good. Water for squirting me, not so much.

Janet bought me a red dot. I am fascinated by this red dot. It goes on the floor, it goes on the wall. It seems to go wherever it wants. It appears to come from a little object in Janet’s hand. Even if I can figure it out, well, I like it. The red dot is fun and I am glad it is here.

She also introduced me to a “mouse game” on one of her computers. These little mice come out of nowhere and then they disappear again. I like these mice. They are quick and I try to catch them. I wonder where they come from and where they go. I like this mouse game. I hope she shows this to Mandy so I can keep up with these mousies.

I am glad to see Mandy and Rocky. Even though I complain about Rocky the dog at time, I like to play with him. He chases me around and well sometimes I egg him on. It is fun to irritate the dog.

Last night I had a choice. Do I go to sleep with my always peeps or do I sleep with Janet? I did both. I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Janet says she leaves tomorrow, Tuesday. I will be sad to see her go. Then my routine will get back to normal, whatever that is. That is what cats do, adjust to whatever is around. I think I may remember her as she is kind and boy did I have her wrapped around my paw. She carried me about. I got treats on demand. I got smart about the treats and eventually, Janet could not leave them on the counter anymore. Sleeping under the covers was a great chance to snuggle against this human. I liked having her around.

Well, I am out of here. I liked writing on here and introducing you to Elwood Blues Carter, otherwise known as Woody the Cat. Remember me as the cat with the glorious tail. Maybe you will hear from me again. I am very glad to have met everyone.

Today I am thankful for meeting all of you. Today I am thankful for Janet. Today I am thankful to have Mandy and Rocky home. Today it is good to be “The Cat”.

3 thoughts on “Woody the Cat, Checking In

  1. it is always good to be “the cat” I think. Woody, I believe you were the icing on the cake this month for Janet, and I’m thinking she would be more than happy to spend time with you again.

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