Woody the Cat is Checking In

She is here!! She is here! Janet is here and is going to stay with me for the month of February. No kitty carrier! No chasing me around! No stressing out! I get to stay home!

Hi, everyone, Woody the cat here. Janet is back to take care of me while my companion and owner, Mandy and Rocky the dog go on holiday. This is the third time that Janet has been here to stay with me so I can continue with the routine of sleeping, eating, snuggling, suckling and loving. Not bad.

For those of you who don’t know, I am Woody the cat with a striking tail. It is my best feature and I like to show it off every chance I can get. Take a look at the picture and you can see my best feature.

My Tail

I live with Mandy and Rocky the dog. I love Mandy all the time, except when she tries to catch me and put me in the evil kitty carrier. When she finally gets me in there, I stay with Scott and Megan while Mandy travels. I like it at their house but I don’t like the process of getting there. Last year Janet showed up and while Mandy traveled I got to stay home. What a relief. And oooh, Janet likes cats.

Mandy & Rocky

She came a few days early to visit with us before Mandy and Rocky get on the road. I now have two humans to pet me and hold me and carry me around. I like that and I deserve no less. After all, I’m the cat.

So stay tuned I know I will be posting again. I sneak into Janet’s computer when she is out kayaking or biking or just out and about.

The Return of Woody the Cat

Hi everyone. Woody the Cat is back.

A few days ago guess who appeared at my doorstep? Janet! Yes, she walked through the front door, I wonder where she came from. Do any of you know? It is hard to understand people. They come, they go, and then they return again. Mandy, my top person does that frequently. And…she takes Rocky (he’s a dog) with her. Then just like that, she is back again.

Sometimes I get to stay at my house when Mandy disappears. I can sleep on my comfy bed, look out the window, watch the birds, and sleep as much as possible. Oh, I also love to eat. Other times, with much difficulty, Scott and Meghan, Mandy’s family, take me to their house. Once I am there I am fine but trying to catch me and put me in a small case and drive me there, well let me just say it does not bring out my finer side.

When Janet shows up I get to stay home. Ooh, I like that. It has taken me a few days to get used to her being here again. After a few days, I have adjusted. After Mandy left I went in and out of Janet’s room. I sometimes slept on Mandy’s, Rocky’s, and my bed. Then I would slip into Janet’s room for part of the night. Today I decided to just move into her room and stay. The other day I forgot to get up. I slept in until sometime in the afternoon.

I love people. I love people who pet me and feed me and well, just love me. Janet does that very well. She comes in when I am sleeping and picks me up, throws me over her shoulder, and walks me around the house. I like that. I just can’t seem to get enough of snuggling and loving.

I have Janet trained. When she goes into the kitchen I follow her and meow with the sweetest meow I know. She gives me treats. I really really like treats. She sometimes says she is not going to be fooled by me but that sweet meow works every time.

I am excited to have Janet here. She brightens up my life. It is good to have the unexpected happen. When the unexpected comes to visit it shakes up everyone’s life. It is good to have my life shaken up a bit from time to time. It is good for most beings to have their lives shaken up once in a while.

Well, it is time for a nap. Did you know that kitties need at least sixteen hours of sleep a day? Our beauty rest is important. That is why I look so good all the time. That is why I have the finest tail of any kitty I know.

Continue to expect the unexpected. It makes life exciting.

Woody the Cat, Checking In

Hi, this is Woody the cat here.

Sunday, the door opened and there was Mandy and Rocky the dog. Where did they come from? First, they leave, I get used to them being gone, and then just like there they are. Hmm.

Janet told me that she is leaving. What’s with that? Why does everyone keep coming and going? I don’t know. I don’t really care a lot as long as my needs as “King Cat” get met. What are my needs? Eating, yes I like doing that. Sleeping. Ooh, I like that too. Being petted is always a good idea.

It has been an interesting month with Janet. I moved from Mandy and my bedroom to the guest bedroom. At first, I would come in at night and sleep with Janet. I like to snuggle. Then I decided that I really liked that bed and after Janet was up I decided to stay. She seemed to be surprised at this but why go to another room when that bed is already warm. It is easier to just stay where everything is broken in.

Janet came and went. Most days she disappeared for a while and then she came back. She brought back interesting smells with her. A lot of it smelled like salt and outdoors. Once in a while, she came back smelling like food. She told me that she goes kayaking. I am not sure what that is but it involves water. I don’t think I would like that. Water is for drinking. Mandy sometimes squirts me with it. Water for drinking is good. Water for squirting me, not so much.

Janet bought me a red dot. I am fascinated by this red dot. It goes on the floor, it goes on the wall. It seems to go wherever it wants. It appears to come from a little object in Janet’s hand. Even if I can figure it out, well, I like it. The red dot is fun and I am glad it is here.

She also introduced me to a “mouse game” on one of her computers. These little mice come out of nowhere and then they disappear again. I like these mice. They are quick and I try to catch them. I wonder where they come from and where they go. I like this mouse game. I hope she shows this to Mandy so I can keep up with these mousies.

I am glad to see Mandy and Rocky. Even though I complain about Rocky the dog at time, I like to play with him. He chases me around and well sometimes I egg him on. It is fun to irritate the dog.

Last night I had a choice. Do I go to sleep with my always peeps or do I sleep with Janet? I did both. I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Janet says she leaves tomorrow, Tuesday. I will be sad to see her go. Then my routine will get back to normal, whatever that is. That is what cats do, adjust to whatever is around. I think I may remember her as she is kind and boy did I have her wrapped around my paw. She carried me about. I got treats on demand. I got smart about the treats and eventually, Janet could not leave them on the counter anymore. Sleeping under the covers was a great chance to snuggle against this human. I liked having her around.

Well, I am out of here. I liked writing on here and introducing you to Elwood Blues Carter, otherwise known as Woody the Cat. Remember me as the cat with the glorious tail. Maybe you will hear from me again. I am very glad to have met everyone.

Today I am thankful for meeting all of you. Today I am thankful for Janet. Today I am thankful to have Mandy and Rocky home. Today it is good to be “The Cat”.

Woody the Cat Tells His Tail

Hi, I am Woody the cat. I am new to this experience of telling my story. Janet says that Elsie, her kitty, would write on here and I decided to try.

I live with a really nice person. Her name is Mandy. I also live with a rather rambunctious dog, Rocky. I like living with them. They let me cuddle and visit when I want to. If Rocky gets too much for me I go to my private retreat, under the bed.

Mandy likes to travel in her “Roadtrek”. It is a big, well to me, a really giant house on wheels. When I look out the front window I see another one that is not quite as big in the driveway. Mandy has gone on holiday. She leaves and then she comes back. I have no idea where she goes. As long as she comes back I am good with that. I am also glad I don’t have to ride in it, I am not sure about this riding in a moving object. Rocky goes with her. Phew, I have some dog-free time to do what cats do, sleep, eat, sleep, get brushed, sleep, and snuggle and cuddle and sleep. I am good at snuggling and cuddling.

I am resting

When Mandy goes away I often go to Scott’s and Megan’s house. I like being there but I don’t like having to be caught and put in a tiny box and driving in a car to get there.

Guess what? This time when she left, I got to stay here. I am really happy with this arrangement. The day before Mandy left, Janet showed up. Ooh, I have heard she likes kitties. I don’t know where she came from. I have no idea how long she is here. No one ever tells me anything. Maybe it is because I don’t care. I am a cat.

Janet says she is house sitting and cat sitting for me. I am good with that. And…I get her all to myself. She is really nice to me and I get my needs met and a little more. I am good with this arrangement. I sleep with her every night. She lets me snuggle by her head or anywhere else I want. I get petted and sometimes she carries me around. She also feeds me and gives me treats. What else can a cat ask for? Well…I would like to go outside but she says no, even though I tell her it is OK. Sigh.

Look at the tail. My pride and joy.

Before I go take a look at my tail. My tail is beautiful and I carry it proudly. It goes straight up and then curls to my back. It is a fine feature and one of my best. All kitties should be so lucky.

It’s nice to meet you and I might just write again. It depends on when I can get to the computer. It depends on whether I am sleeping.