Valentine’s Day

imagesJim and I never really observed the holidays, official or made up. We felt that if we wanted to celebrate something why not do it when we thought about it rather than wait for a special day. The holidays, our anniversary and more was not that important to us. What seemed more important was to acknowledge the unique friendship and relationship we had on a daily basis.

Now that I am on my own I still feel little need to mark the holidays. I do try to make it to Jim’s family on Thanksgiving or Christmas because it is important to them and I enjoy the camaraderie. It also helps me get into action and make plans, which I am not always good at doing.

If I did not have any family near by I know that celebrating these events would probably just go on by. I would be good with that. Maybe this has something to do with working as a nurse and then a tour guide. With these careers, I worked the holidays. I have been working holidays for most of my adult life.

Valentine’s Day was always one that I have shunned. Too many people go out. The restaurants are crowded. It is a sham holiday made up by the card companies. Blah, blah, blah. Oh my head at work.

Why am I commenting on this? This year I was invited to go out to dinner with a friend and 4 of her friends on Valentine’s Day evening. The final enticement was that we would be going to Albert’s at the San Diego Zoo. It is a lovely restaurant in the center of the Zoo and the meals are delicious. And…it is really cool to be in the zoo after dark with no one around. We could only walk from the entrance to Alberts but it was fun to hear the night noises and know those animals and birds were close by.


Last night I went out for a Valentine’s Day dinner and I had a wonderful time. The food was delicious and the company superb. It was an easy, relaxed evening. I always worry about being excluded. Nope, none of that. All these folks were delightful conversationalists. I felt very included. The bottom line; It Was Fun. We talked, we laughed and ate good food and drank good wine. What more could I ask for?

This year I have committed myself to move out of my current comfort zone and be with more people. This was a very good result of pushing myself. I was not comfortable, yet as soon as I met Vinnie and Gary I knew it would be alright. Then everyone showed up and all their personalities just firmed up the fact that it was going to be a good evening.

Each time I take this tentative step forward with good results, I look for the next opportunity. And maybe, just maybe I won’t shun the holidays as much. Well, maybe.