Delay, Delay Departure by a Day

Too much to think about. Too many things to do. I have decided to delay my departure  until bright and early Monday morning. Why, you might ask? My neighbor and friend, Raquel and I spent until 1 pm this afternoon creating a screen door for my slider door on my Roadtrek. I am pleased with the results and now I need to test it with Elsie on board to see if it really is cat proof. Raquel and I are new friends and we worked hard and had a great time. When we were done we celebrated with iced tea and chocolate. The rest of today and tomorrow it is time to clean and pack. And, you know what is great about this adventure? I have no times schedule. When I am ready I will go.

IMG_1133             Finished

I am nervous about this trip. I have traveled a lot and I have loved all of it. I have never traveled in an RV and not for 3 months. So I am a bit apprehensive. I have decided to take the advice of  one of the people on the Roadtrek Facebook page. I will figure it out as I go and enjoy the process. I think that much of this nervousness will go away once I am under way. Put me behind the wheel of a car and I just love to drive. It also helps to know I am going toward something. I am not sure what it is but it is something.

I have been caught up unexpectedly in strong memories of Jim over the past few days. Grief is an interesting process. These moments just show up, out of the blue and can be quite powerful. I remind myself to follow a process that continues to work well for me. Lesson one  is to breath. Lesson two is to call someone and talk about it. Lesson three is to remind myself that this too shall pass, so ride it out and be patient. This time the call to my mother-in-law did the trick. I love Dotty, she is great. Talking with her helped me find balance and once again I could move forward.

I am preparing to travel and visit friends all over the country. I have been thinking of my Southern California friends. They have supported me so much in the past several years. I would like to share some of these people and moments intermittently with all who are along on my journey. Barbara and her husband, Henry, have been friends with Jim and I for many years. The friendship has been tighter and stronger between Jim and these 2, as they ran together every Saturday morning since 1996. They shared a bond that I did not. October 16, 2012 was my 60th birthday. Jim and I both marked our 60th milestone in the hospital. At one point we looked at each other and said “worst birthdays ever”. Jim died the day after my birthday. As you can imagine we were otherwise occupied and these dates were going to slip on by. Early in the afternoon on the 16th, Barbara arrives at the hospital with a wonderful chocolate cake from a local dessert bakery, Extraordinary Desserts. This wonderful woman and friend took time to remember my  birthday. It was and still is a very heart warming moment for me. The cake was lovely; the gesture was touching. Each time I remember this moment I want to call and thank her again, for her love and caring and ongoing friendship and for the fact that she remembered my birthday. Thank you Barbara and I am so glad our friendship is growing and blossoming.

My adventure continues tomorrow. Cleaning the house and getting it ready for Raquel who is going to stay and love my garden and house for the summer. Through all the emotions, getting ready and putting it all together so I can depart on Monday, everything has been falling into place. Magic does happen.

Hiking Iron Mt

Hiking Iron Mt

4 thoughts on “Delay, Delay Departure by a Day

  1. I like how you are choosing to be “in the moment” and go when you are ready. Should you be in Upstate NY, I am a little over an hours’ drive from Niagara Falls. I will be following along. I admire your courage to do this. May Angels protect you along your travels. Pauline

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