Spending Time in New Jersey

US Capitol

There is never a bad photo of the US Capitol.

People seem to be wondering where I am.  Oops I guess it has been to long between blog postings. Traveling is fun. I was wondering before I started this trip if I would get road weary but that has not happened yet. It might helping that I am stopping after a day or two of travel. Visiting friends may have more than one benefit.

After getting lost in Washington DC, I spent two nights in the beach resort of North Beach. When I grew up in Delaware, if you went to the Chesapeake you went to the eastern shore. Until my good friend, Joy moved to North Beach I had never heard of the wonderful beachside communities within a few hours drive of Washington DC. It sits right on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. the town is small and diverse. a boardwalk goes along the bay. There are wonderful estuaries there.  Joy and I spent a greater part of our day together exploring Fish Creek. It was one of those picture perfect summer days that happens in August, no humidity, the temperature is perfect and the company superb. I saw water snakes, turtles and lots of birds. I also indulged in one of my favorite foods, Maryland crab cakes. There is nothing better than those crab cakes. I have been searching for a long time to find crab cakes like these on the west coast to no avail.

Janet & Joy

Janet & Joy

Joy and I have been friends since high school. Until I met her and some of her friends I had felt kind of alone. It feels like we became friends quickly and by the time I moved west she felt like a sister. We have had a few rough patches, yet through it all we have remained friends. I feel that one definition of a good friend is, even if it has been years since you have physically been in touch, when you get together on the same side of the country, you pick up where you left off. There is no awkwardness or hesitation. Joy, is that kind of friend. I know without one doubt that if I ever needed her she would be there. Joy has been loving and supportive to me over the past years and I appreciate her a lot. So what did we do besides wandering the estuary? We laughed and talked and ate and totally enjoyed our time together. It was so good. I am very thankful for such good and enduring friends in my life.

Redwing Blackbird

Redwing Blackbird


Blue Heron



I am now in Northern New Jersey.  I am staying with my sister, Ginny and her husband, Frank. They own a beautiful home on Lake Lackawanna in the hills. This house started out as the house where I spent my summers growing up. Then it was a summer home we opened it on Memorial Day and closed it on Labor Day. It was such a fun place to spend the summer. I learned to dive and swim in the lake. I discovered boys here as well. It was called the summer bungalow. Now it is a very different looking and it is a year round home. what I like most about arriving here is that I find I can relax more. I sleep better. I love the big front porch and it when I am sitting out there that I realize there is nothing I have to do unless I want to. I will be here until the end of next week.

My Sister's Home

My Sister’s Home

Even though they live in the country we are about one hour from NYC. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with my niece and go into Chinatown and get reflexology treatments and have Dim Sum for dinner. I am looking forward to a day in the city with family.

5 thoughts on “Spending Time in New Jersey

  1. May you continue to sleep well and enjoy all you encounter. Your sister’s home is lovely! I love NYC, have fun there. Good to hear from you and to enjoy your nature photos. Pauline

  2. You should come to central Connecticut! I could show you around a bit – it is beautiful this time of year. C an you fit me in???

    • Lynn, yes I could fit you in. Can you tell me where I met you or if I have? I am going to be driving north at the end of this week. I would love to meet you. Yes I would. Let me know.

  3. Oh I would be happy to live on Ginny’s porch, sleep on the sofa and enjoy the lake. Glad your having a good time and enjoying your friends. Have Ginny help you “organize” the RV as a way to spend quality time together. (lmao)

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