On The Road Again


I very carefully backed out of the car port Saturday morning, picked up my blocks and headed out. I am now on the road north. Last night I camped somewhere in Virginia. I am not totally sure of where I was and that was just fine with me.

Janet, Brittany, Tripp

Janet, Brittany, Tripp

Before I left NC I had an extra special treat. I met up with my niece, Brittany and her husband, Tripp. We met at a Presbyterian Meeting town or camp called Montreat. Britt used to attend before she went to college and then began to work there. I have heard of this area for years and it was so lovely. We did a hike, with stairs (I hate stairs) to a lookout sits of the surrounding area. Yes Zoe, I got a vista. What was most delightful was that I got to spend time with these 2 wonderful young people. It was a very good morning.

Vanderbilt Estate, NC

Vanderbilt Estate, NC

Virginia Countryside

Virginia Countryside

After wandering around the town of Black Mountain I started the drive north and east. Last night I camped in the wilderness and I loved the quiet. I appreciate the moments in between visits. It allows me to regroup and get ready for the next act of gratitude. It is not always easy to be so up front with my feelings. Yet I love the fact they are so close to the surface. The regrouping time is important and I am thankful for that as well.



Nancy, another San Diegan, has been my friend since I moved to San Diego. We have had wonderful times together and some rough ones as well. Our friendship has endured through it all. Friendships do not always need to be easy but the good ones endure and ours has. We have known each other for 28+ years.  That is a long time. She has been my hiking buddy, a good travel companion and a confidant. Jim was an introvert and he did not always feel comfortable around all people. He always felt comfortable around Nancy and I appreciate knowing that. Even though her life is often busy she has always found time for me, a phone call, a quick visit and sometimes just e-mail. Even better, is that Elsie, the cat has always liked her. She often runs and hides from guests but not Nancy. Elsie thinks she is better than OK and so do I. So thank you Nancy for being there and being so supportive to both Jim and myself. I look forward to more adventurous times with you. (I know you are reading this blog).

Right now I am in Charlottesville, VA, home to our third president Thomas Jefferson. he was certainly quite the man. I have been to Monticello numerous times and have been always so impressed about what an intellectually eclectic man he was. This is beautiful country, rolling hills and farms.

I am on my way to the small town of North Beach, MD to visit a friend I have known since high school, Joy. It is going to be nice to be back along the salt water coast.

This  morning I am thankful for the couple who took time out of celebrating their anniversary to helped me put my cute little RT on blocks last night so I could have an even and balanced night in my RT.

Janet & Jim on a very chilly morning in Yellowstone National Park.

Janet & Jim on a very chilly morning in Yellowstone National Park.

4 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Warning to ALL people that Janet will be visiting – DO NOT leave Janet unattended in your kitchen. If you do you will find that all your kitchen “toys” will be living in new, unlikely spaces and it will take much time to find those toys again. Crafty person that she is! Enjoy the visit with her but was for “unattended” moments!!!


  2. Janet, I love reading your blog. While we don’t know each other really well, I get to know you as I read! I so enjoy your candor and openness! So…to your facebook message….I will be home in RI on 8/22 and sometime the next week (probably 8/25) heading north to Maine for a few days of study to prepare for the fall. Back in RI over Labor Day. When you know your timing, don’t hesitate to email me and it would be fun to show you this beautiful part of the world that never ceases to please me to come home to! You have my cell I believe!

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