Acts of Kindness

Traveling is fun. Traveling can be stressful. Traveling can be tiring. Traveling with a companion, in this case my sister, can be an adventure.

September 18th Ginny and I left for Prague. After an uneventful flight (except the hard seats) I arrived in the eye candy city of Prague. Everywhere I looked there was something to see. We spent 3 nights in this beautiful city. Here is a quick synopsis of what we saw. Prague Old Town, Charles Bridge, Franz Kafka museum, The castle and the cathedral, stairs, cobblestones, The radio tower with the creeping black babies, Petrin Park, people playing marbles, and lots and lots of tourists from all over the world. And these were just a few of the highlights.

Since then I have boarded the Amadeus Brilliant River cruise ship and sailed on the Danube, visiting Bratislava, Vienna and now Budapest. I still have a week to go and am looking forward to the sights that I have yet to see.

I have decided that people are basically kind. Even when you don’t speak a common language when we have been lost and looking for help, the local people have quickly come to our aid. Not only do they help a little, at times they have gone out of their way to make sure that we were at least moderately comfortable with what we were doing or where we were going. This gives me a reminder that most people of any age are generally kind and compassionate. It also reminds me to do the same. This also allows me hope for the present and the future.

Humbleness is also part of this quotient. It is OK to ask for help and receive it kindly. And yes, men, it is OK to ask for directions. (lol)

Since Jim died I have received all kind of kindness and support. When something traumatic happens people often reach out. It is in my every day life that I will forget to continue to recognize those little moments of kindness and generosity from others. Traveling has reminded me to stay open to this small moments that may make or break my day.

Tonight we are in Vienna before heading to our next destination. I have decided to continue to absorb those moments with others and enjoy the warmth of the exchange.


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