Janet & Helen

Janet & Helen

Oooh, I am so excited. My friend Helen is coming this afternoon. She lives in Chicago but is doing a brief visit to San Diego to see me. One night does not seem very long but I will take what I can get.

Right after Jim died, Helen arrived in town for a week. She moved in and helped divert me from everything that was going on. We walked the beaches, had lunch and breakfast out and we took Jim’s ashes to some of his favorite places in San Diego. This was done subtly, it looked like we were carrying a big cloth bag. It was fun and helped ease the transition, just a little. I don’t know if Jim appreciated it but I certainly did. Helen is a good and forever friend.

Melissa & Janet

Melissa & Janet

Later this month two more of my friends, Melissa and Dan arrive for a long weekend. I am looking forward to seeing them. Melissa, Helen and I used to hike together. We were the threesome. Now we live far apart and yet we still remain good friends and confidants.

In anticipation of these visits I have been thinking about friendship. There are all types of friendships. Some last a short time, maybe even one encounter and others will stand the proverbial test of time. I am thankful for both types of friendships. These intimate encounters support me and help make me more fully human. It has been very helpful over the past two plus years to have people who have willingly supported  me unconditionally.

Each of my friends brings something unique to the table; art, scrabble, hikes, walks, movies, dinner and much more. With all this activity there are also moments where we talk in depth. All aspects of friendship help me learn and grow. I also appreciate those who make me stay real.

Some friendships are limited and others expand and each of us grows individually. These two women who are visiting this month are certainly in the later category. I am thankful for each of these friendships. I am thankful for each person that enters my world no matter the length of time they are there.

Today I am thankful for Helen. Anxiously awaiting her arrival. Boy do we have a lot to talk about.

2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I read the article about your thank you tour on yahoo news, and it moved me to leave a comment. My wife had a rare blood disease, that caused a hemoragic stroke that left her unable to speak and paralyzed on her right side. While in the hospital we had friends coming out of the wood work, but once she came home they all vanished. In 2008 we purchased a used airstream, sold our condo and hit the road for two years, and every campground we met “new friends” and haven’t looked back since. The people we meet while traveling have filled our lives in many ways that our other friends never did. God bless you and may the road be kind…

    • Well wouldn’t I just like to meet up with you sometime.You sound like my kind of people. I am sorry about your wife. Each time I read a post like this it makes me aware that I am not alone and that is a good thing to know. We all meet struggles along life’s path and either they can cause us to stop and hide or figure out how to move forward. It seems like what you did was a very positive way to live life. I love air streams. They are beautiful homes. I am pleased to meet you. And may your road be kind as well. Take care.

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