Special Moments of the Holidays

I always tell myself that the holidays are just going to go by. However, it always seems that special moments creep in when I least expect them. It makes me realize that this doesn’t always happen on the holiday yet I tend to notice it more when it happens around the “Season of Giving”. I have to immediately ask what does that mean? Shouldn’t giving always be a part of my life? OK, enough of that back to the subject at hand, the surprise events that made my holidays a bit more special.



I know most of us have heard of the Bluebird of Happiness. This year I received my bluebird of happiness. I follow several wildlife photographers on facebook. Becca Wood is a wildlife photographer from Montana. She does incredibly beautiful wildlife photography. During the month of December she had a series of contests to win calendars, and prints. I entered everyone and never won a thing. This is quite the norm for me. I commented every time I lost another contest, in light-hearted jest. One morning a few weeks before Christmas I found an envelope sitting against my garage door. When I opened it there was my Bluebirds of Happiness. I was moved close to tears that Becca not only sent it to me but that she understood how much I love this print. A gift from a stranger touched me so deeply. I proudly display this photo on my wall. I also ordered her bluebird calendar which I also love.

If you want to explore Becca’s work more click here>B Wood Photography.

IMG_3378Last Tuesday I had dinner with good friends. Henry and Barbara ran with Jim every Saturday for years. I am very honored and pleased to be friends with them now. They are both very delightful, caring and kind people. For some time now Henry has been holding onto a plaque that he had made in memory of Jim. The original plan was to have it permanently placed at Pacific Beach where they all ran together. You know what happens when you attempt to get the city officials involved with this minor project?, a political mess. They wanted $3000 just to have plans drawn up. What? The runners decided to see if they could find a secluded place at  the beach to put this. It was decided, and wisely so, not to do this. It would most likely have been taken. Now I have this lovely plaque and we are still trying to decide what to do with it. Any ideas?

Barbara & HenryThis wonderful act by his friends has touched me deeply. When I saw the plaque on Tuesday all I could do was gently caress it. It wasn’t just because it reminded me of Jim. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude to these two very special people. It makes me happy deep down inside to know others will always remember him.  And what a touching act the making of this plaque was to me, to Jim’s family, to all his friends and to the universe.

Now I want your suggestions. Please don’t hesitate if you can come up with a unique or not so unique idea for this natural plaque.

And…thank you Henry and Barbara for this thought, this act, this kindness. I am so glad we are friends.

There have been other touching moments during this past three weeks. How special these moments are. It reminds me that I want to pay more attention as the new year starts. I have decided that my “Season of Giving” will be all year long. What about yours?

Happy-New-Year-Background-Wallpapers-2015-3Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New Year.



5 thoughts on “Special Moments of the Holidays

  1. Very nice post thanks. And I love your bluebird print. Happy New year of Thankfulness and reasons to be grateful. Kat I.

  2. What beautiful and thoughtful gestures–from friends and a stranger. It’s an inspiration to keep this in mind for the upcoming year. Random acts of kindness stay with people and are contagious. xo

  3. Trying to get the plaque (beautiful and loving) in a public place is a nightmare, and may not be worth the effort. I was wondering if you had a special place in your yard that meditated, or sat and waited for the birds to come so you could take pictures? Since you are traveling so much, you might take it with you and put it in a special place each time you stop to make it “home”, so to speak. Maybe a photo of each new place you visit, and somehow his running friends would enjoy being there with him and you?

    Yes, A Wonderful New Year all year long is my plan as well.
    Blessings, Charlotte

  4. I also love bluebirds. I use the name in my email address. With regards to the beautiful plaque in honor of your husband. I would place in a spot to remind you of how much they cared for their friend. Perhaps in a pot with a special plant. You can take it with you when you travel.

    • Karen, nice to meet you. I love bluebirds. And you are right about the plaque. I am taking it with me when i travel. Jim would have enjoyed what I am doing, so why not just take him along?

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