Where Have I Been?


Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Yes it is true that I disappeared for a while. I have been traveling in Ontario, Canada. One of the advantages or disadvantages, depending on how you see it, is that I had limited cell phone service and limited internet interaction.

Elsie and I checked in to the Radisson Hotel and took up residence for 5 nights in Kitchener, Ontario.

Elsie in the Radisson

Elsie in the Radisson

My Roadtrek disappeared to the Roadtrek Factory to have some work done. It was an interesting experience in patience on my part so that no one felt hurried and the work could get done properly. I went on a guided tour of the factory. No photos, please. There were all kinds of Roadtreks that were in some process of production.

What impressed me most about the factory was the sense of community among all the workers from the front desk to Jim Hammill, the CEO. There appeared to be a lot of support for each other. Everyone seemed to get along. And I was treated like royalty.

IMG_3019I explored a bit of Kitchener while I waited. It is a large Mennonite area. The drives through the country showed beautiful farms. It wasn’t unusual to meet horse and buggies while I was out and about. The Farmers Markets were delicious. I even got the chance to see the last covered bridge in Ontarion, the Kissing Bridge.

Friday morning, Elsie and I packed up the RT and drove to Penetanguishene. It is on the Georgian Bay just off Lake Huron. A couple of fellow Roadtrekers, Tim and Carol, invited me to use their driveway for weekend. For three nights my RT had a buddy and I got to know about Tim and Carol. I am slowly beginning to meet the people who are part of the Facebook Roadtrek group. We had a lovely weekend and I now have friends in the north country.

Carol & Tim & Ruby the dog.

Carol & Tim & Ruby the dog.











imageI have been enjoying some long bike rides on this trip and am feeling thankful that I brought my bike along. Saturday afternoon I rode several miles along the Georgian Bay. It was a beautiful very sunny day. I really enjoy biking along the water.

Yesterday I did a nice drive to islands of the northern shore of Lake Ontario. Following Route 33 east a free ferry boat ride is included at no cost. It is part of the road system.

Now I have crossed over into the United States and am camped on the east side of Lake Ontario at Wescott Beach State Park.

Elsie is doing well. She still remains a surprise to me. Although she remains under the blankets during the day she continues to come out when we stop for the night and even asks to go out, on her leash. I am glad I brought her with me. She is a fun little companion and as Jim used to say, we are a team. Of course, I do all the work.

Tomorrow I will be arriving in New Jersey at my sister’s house. I look forward to seeing her and spending the Fourth of July on the lake. We spent our summers growing up at this house and the Fourth was always a fun occasion. I remember my dad setting off firecrackers in the morning to wake us up.

I t will be good to spend time with my family. I like being loved and taken care of. This visit also includes my niece’s wedding coming up on July 11. It will be good to stay still for a bit before I start to move again.

Tonight I am thankful for a clean and semi-private campsite. I am thankful for the long daylight hours. I am thankful for all things Canadian. I had a wonderful visit north of the border.

It is now two days later and I am happily set up in the side yard. Visiting with my sister. I am thankful for a beautiful spot to set up my cute little RT.

2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Carol and I (and Ruby) enjoyed your visit with us, immensely. Best wishes, Janet, on your continued travels and we look forward to meeting again.

  2. Hi Janet,

    You’re trip looks like so much fun! Glad to see that miss Elsie is also enjoying herself.

    Love you guys, Raquel

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