Elsie, A Second Blog Post

IMG_3187Hi everyone. I heard that Janet was upset because I received more response to my post than she does. It is not every day that a cat contributes to a blog so she should be thankful. And isn’t that word part of the title of this blog?

I am still on my journey. I have been to more states than I can count on all four of my paws. Yes, I know, I have not seen some of these states because I still spend my days under the covers. I sleep at home, I sleep on the road. Like that behavior is suppose to change?

Janet has been good about stopping at least once a day so I can go out and explore. She hooks me up to my long leash and off we go. She has also been good about looking for quiet spots to do this. One day we were on our way out of North Carolina and she stopped at view stop where there was no one. These 3 guys parked their car and when they saw me they started to come over. Janet told them that I was scared of people but they still kept coming so I did what any good scaredy cat would do; I ran for the RV as fast as I could. I bet those guys never even saw me. Just call me Flash.

I have been on two small ferries on this trip. I admit to not seeing much from them as the noise and people made me nervous. I do think it was cool to be taken from one piece of land to another. Those big bodies of water are a bit overwhelming for a kitty of 6 pounds.

Hanging at the Radisson

Hanging at the Radisson

Since my first posting I have spent two weeks in Ontario, Canada. The first 5 nights I stayed in a hotel room. The house on wheels disappeared and then one day it came back. The hotel was OK. There were a lot of unfamiliar noises but I think I did good. Janet still has me on board.

I met, briefly, my first dog. Her name is Ruby and she was really giant. Remember I am only 6 pounds. I didn’t take time to know her I just headed back to my house on wheels. Thank goodness for my safe place.

Janet, Carol & Ruby

Janet, Carol & Ruby



After camping for several nights we are now at another house. This one is on a body of water too. We are visiting family, Janet’s sister, Virginia. I have the upstairs of the house to myself. There is another cat in this house. I hear them call her Kitty. We have met a few times. Both of us are not sure about each other. We do a common greeting of hissing and growling.  When things become a bit overwhelming I go back upstairs.

I get to look out over the lake. There is a lot of activity out there. Kids are swimming. People are mowing their lawns. Right now there is a beach party going on. I am not sure what that is but I prefer to stay in my upstairs area. There is a blanket I can sleep under. Janet comes and spends time with me too. Once in a while I get to go outside on the long leash. I like that.

Here is my next list. These are new things I find I really like:

  • Watching chipmunks and squirrels. This is the first time I have seen those little chipsters. They are fast. I like that.
  • Watching bunny rabbits. There are big and little ones in the yard here.
  • Spending time with Janet. I curl up next to her when she is on the bed or in a chair.
  • Food.
  • Going outside and exploring.
  • Sleeping under the covers. This is a favorite of mine.


I have to admit I have not reached being fearless yet. It is a work in progress. I am a good little traveler though and I think Janet is glad I came along for the ride.

5 thoughts on “Elsie, A Second Blog Post

    • Always tbest to have a human companion while traveling. They can assist with numerous things and keep the blanket close by!!! Enjoy your new friends and visiting places! Stay dry!

  1. How wonderful you have such a good mom that takes you to new and exciting places even if they are a little scary at times. Janet, thank-you for sharing and safe travels.

  2. Elsie, congratulations on your traveling experiences. Sounds like you are having a good time. So did the good people in Canada fix your traveling home? Take care and watch over Janet.


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