Elsie’s Third Post

IMG_4723Hey everyone, Elsie here. I am one traveling kitty. Since my last post I have traveled around the east coast of the United States and now I am in another country, Canada. No one even asked to see my passport, whatever that is. They asked Janet for hers.

I have been in and out of different houses since I posted last and I still think I like the Roadtrek best. I have been in it so long it feels like home. I like sleeping under the blankets during the day. I am now getting brave enough to come out while Janet drives and lay on the floor next to her. On my bravest days I ride on the dashboard and look out the window. Sometimes it gets lonely under the blankets.

The Camp on Moxie Lake

The Camp on Moxie Lake

We spent about five days with Janet’s friend Missy and her husband in Maine. It was on a big body of water and that water still makes me nervous. I spent the day in the RV and then in the evening Janet would bring me inside the camp house. I am not sure if I liked this. Everything was strange and Missy has a bird, Mango that squawks a lot, and it is loud. What is that bird saying?

The one thing I found in the house that made me happy was another bed with blankets to crawl under. I liked it under there. Mango wasn’t quite as loud.



Missy is a photographer and so is Janet. Every time these birds called loons came around the two of them went nuts. They ran for their cameras and headed to the woods to take a zillion photos. What’s the big deal about loons anyhow? They make weird sounds. It kept Janet happy though, so it must be OK.

MJH_3868I also met a little critter that looked good for eating. He was very bold. I know him as chippie, but he is really a chipmunk. He came right up to me. It surprised me so much I didn’t react except to stare at him. That night I dreamt of catching him and playing with him. Sigh, it was too late by the time I dreamt that. I hope to see more chippies in my travels.

IMG_4719Now Janet and I are on our own. We are settling back into the routine of stopping once a day so I can go outside, somewhere where it is quiet. When we stopped today a funny critter watched us. It didn’t move at all. I think it was a stuffed rabbit. It was just hanging in the trees.

Today I found something I really liked. I rolled in it. It smelled like cat mint.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet's leg is a good idea.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet’s leg is a good idea.

Me taking a stroll at lunch.

Me taking a stroll at lunch.

Ah, rolling

Ah, rolling


We have camped in some nice places. The other night we were on Cobscook Bay in Maine. After a nice evening walk on the leash we got back and there were a bunch of mosquitos in our RV. Janet did not seem too happy about that. I decided to help her out and jumped around after those little buggers until there were none left. It was fun to help out. After all, we are a team.

Tonight we are camped on the Bay of Fundy. The town is St Martins. There is a funny intermittent noise out there. Janet says it is a light house. I am not sure what that is but the sound is soothing.

My adventure is continuing. I am glad Janet brought me along. I am not sure if I would do this all the time but I like being with Janet and I am seeing more than most kitties see in their whole lifetime. I must be special. Janet calls me the princess. I like to think I am.


7 thoughts on “Elsie’s Third Post

  1. Keep on rolling Ms Elsie. I bet you’re glad to be on this road trip, it looks like an adventure that any kitty would enjoy. Of course you have the perfect travel companion. Enjoy the birdies and all other new critters that you encounter on the road. Kisses kitty, and Lots of love

  2. I love that Elsie is letting us know of her thoughts and adventures also. She is one funny cat. Hope she gets brave enough to come out from under the blankets more so she can enjoy traveling more. And I hope she doesn’t get too close to more Chippies as they may not like what she will do with them after playing! Continue on your journeys Elsie, and keep blogging!!!!!

  3. Elsie
    I am so glad you are having such a good time!! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures when you get home. Glad to hear you helped get rid of the mosquitoes. You may have to help with the visiting ants if they should decide to
    Linger. Take care of Miss Janet. See you soon. Phyllis

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