Returning Home, Next trip on the Horizon.

IMG_6409It has been just over two weeks since Elsie and I came back to San Diego. I am home, I think. Living in and near my RT for the past four months makes me have to consider what is home. Elsie, on the other hand had no second thoughts about where she was. She is glad to have no leash attached to her halter.

Returning home for me is always a bit hard. I seem to feel a bit in limbo for a while after a trip. I am not home and I am not away. Where am I? I am not always sure. That is OK. And then there is the yard work…well I just won’t go there.

Miss Elsie, Rolling

Miss Elsie, Rolling

I have been asked if I had a great trip this summer. I am not always sure how to answer this question. Some of it was absolutely delightful and fun. Other times were different. When everything was running as smooth as a well oiled machine the traveling was fun. Most of my days were filled with interest yet there were times that I felt lonely and sad. I missed Jim and his companionship. And…maybe he was traveling with me but it is not the same as having him there in person.  Miss Elsie the Cat helped a lot with the lonely part.

Someone recently called me a road warrior. In some ways that can really describe any of us who take to the road for adventure. I see a warrior is someone who is always ready for whatever the circumstance. This is good and maybe, some times, a bit hard. I see it as vigilance, where I can never let my guard down. Does being vigilant not allow me to relax? I am not sure.

I do believe that I handled myself well in most situations. Stress since Jim has died has been a constant companion. I did’t invite it to be my companion yet for right now it seems to be. I have decided since the end of this trip that I want to handled unexpected situations a bit better. It is just hard sometimes.

There were so many wonderful places I saw. I am glad I traveled the distance I did to tour such wonderful unknown places. There were so many highlights it is hard to list them. Here are a few that stand out:

  • IMG_0423Hells A’Roaring Horse Round-up. This was so much fun. I love horses. I love the west. I love cowboys and cowgirls. For a weekend I got to be a cowgirl and it was fun, REALLY FUN.
  • Traveling through the Nebraska Sand Hill Country.
  • Discovering all kinds of campgrounds, Fairgrounds, Town Parks and parking behind the visitor center.
  • Visiting with my friend, Helen and her husband, Norb in Fish Lake, Indiana.
  • Zoe’s and Kay’s wedding.
  • Traveling to the Roadtrek RV mothership. I was treated so well.
  • Making new friends in Michigan and Penetanguishene, thanks to the Roadtrek Facebook Group.
  • Fourth of July at the lake in NJ. Visiting my family and long time friends.
  • My niece’s wedding. I am not always a fan of weddings. This one was truly fun.

    Loons-can you see the baby?

    Loons-can you see the baby?

  • Hot air ballooning and kayaking in Queechee, VT with more long time friends, Diane and Tom.
  • Chasing loons. It was a major photo shoot for loons. I love them.
  • Visiting with Missy and Dan at Moxie Lake in Maine. I got my very first Zumba lesson. Cool.
  • I really, really liked New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

  • Meeting a long time friend unexpectedly  on the Cabot Trail.
  • Exploring the Cabot Trail and camping on the ocean was a delight. The National Park on Cape Breton was beyond delightful.
  • Anything on the Cape Breton end of Nova Scotia was fun.
  • Biking, kayaking, walking, hiking…well you get the idea.
  • Driving west on the Trans-Canada Highway. Beautiful ride.
  • Meeting so many interesting people along the way. I hope that some of us really do stay in touch. Barbara, hopefully you are reading this.
  • Finally feeling brave enough to go to southwestern Colorado and camping for two nights on my land.

    Colorado Land

    Colorado Land

  • The last week I traveled through southern Colorado from friends to friends to friends. There is nothing better than being able to get hugs and good conversation. I really love all my friends.

Now I am home. I have finally culled the photographs. If you want to view them, click on the link below.

Roadtreking Photos, 2015

Travel is healing for me. I love getting out in nature and I really like exploring places I have always wanted to see. I enjoy meeting new people and learning.

Now I am home. I was hoping that this summer might clarify life for me a little. I am not sure it did. That is OK. Sometimes I get impatient so I am learning patience and enjoying the journey.

I am grateful today for traveling there and back again, safely and mostly happily. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support me. Thank you.

My adventures will continue and you are always welcome to come along. This blog will continue.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Miss Elsie and Janet.

Elsie’s Third Post

IMG_4723Hey everyone, Elsie here. I am one traveling kitty. Since my last post I have traveled around the east coast of the United States and now I am in another country, Canada. No one even asked to see my passport, whatever that is. They asked Janet for hers.

I have been in and out of different houses since I posted last and I still think I like the Roadtrek best. I have been in it so long it feels like home. I like sleeping under the blankets during the day. I am now getting brave enough to come out while Janet drives and lay on the floor next to her. On my bravest days I ride on the dashboard and look out the window. Sometimes it gets lonely under the blankets.

The Camp on Moxie Lake

The Camp on Moxie Lake

We spent about five days with Janet’s friend Missy and her husband in Maine. It was on a big body of water and that water still makes me nervous. I spent the day in the RV and then in the evening Janet would bring me inside the camp house. I am not sure if I liked this. Everything was strange and Missy has a bird, Mango that squawks a lot, and it is loud. What is that bird saying?

The one thing I found in the house that made me happy was another bed with blankets to crawl under. I liked it under there. Mango wasn’t quite as loud.



Missy is a photographer and so is Janet. Every time these birds called loons came around the two of them went nuts. They ran for their cameras and headed to the woods to take a zillion photos. What’s the big deal about loons anyhow? They make weird sounds. It kept Janet happy though, so it must be OK.

MJH_3868I also met a little critter that looked good for eating. He was very bold. I know him as chippie, but he is really a chipmunk. He came right up to me. It surprised me so much I didn’t react except to stare at him. That night I dreamt of catching him and playing with him. Sigh, it was too late by the time I dreamt that. I hope to see more chippies in my travels.

IMG_4719Now Janet and I are on our own. We are settling back into the routine of stopping once a day so I can go outside, somewhere where it is quiet. When we stopped today a funny critter watched us. It didn’t move at all. I think it was a stuffed rabbit. It was just hanging in the trees.

Today I found something I really liked. I rolled in it. It smelled like cat mint.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet's leg is a good idea.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet’s leg is a good idea.

Me taking a stroll at lunch.

Me taking a stroll at lunch.

Ah, rolling

Ah, rolling


We have camped in some nice places. The other night we were on Cobscook Bay in Maine. After a nice evening walk on the leash we got back and there were a bunch of mosquitos in our RV. Janet did not seem too happy about that. I decided to help her out and jumped around after those little buggers until there were none left. It was fun to help out. After all, we are a team.

Tonight we are camped on the Bay of Fundy. The town is St Martins. There is a funny intermittent noise out there. Janet says it is a light house. I am not sure what that is but the sound is soothing.

My adventure is continuing. I am glad Janet brought me along. I am not sure if I would do this all the time but I like being with Janet and I am seeing more than most kitties see in their whole lifetime. I must be special. Janet calls me the princess. I like to think I am.



IMG_4532I recently read an article published by the Mayo Clinic on forgiveness. I’ve been pondering this subject on my journey. I feel that forgiveness is one of the more difficult emotions that we as humans can work with.

We have all been hurt by someone in our life time, whether it is family, work or socially related. Sometimes the hurt is major and sometimes it is minor. Being hurt by another is wounding to each of us. The emotions that result may include anger and bitterness and a feeling of not being able to let this event pass.

As defined by the article in the Mayo Clinic, “Generally, forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. The act that hurt or offended you might always remain a part of your life, but forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, more positive parts of your life. Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you.”

Pain hurts. Emotional pain hurts, spiritual pain hurts, physical pain hurts. I wonder what are the benefits of holding on to all these hard emotions? I think that forgiving is also hard. I don’t believe you can just look at someone and say I forgive you. It takes time to work through all the emotions that are connected with one single act. lt would be so easy if we could just look at someone and forgive them and let it go. Ah, I wish it were so.

I have done one major, intentional act of forgiveness in my life. Intentional is the key word here. It was when I was practicing the “Rainbow Way Meditations”. With the help of the Medicine Men I was involved with, at the time, I acknowledged forgiveness to one person long since passed on. It was a very freeing moment for me and one I have never forgotten. My step felt light and my heart and mind felt right, I felt right with my world. It was a very freeing moment in time.

How do we learn to forgive? How do others learn to forgive? I really don’t know the answer to this question yet I do know that in the act of forgiveness, life becomes more positive and anger slips away.

Forgiving another person doesn’t mean you are best friends again, and yet, that may happen. Forgiveness has more to do with me than the person I am forgiving. Maybe my stress, anger and hurt will lessen and disappear. My life could be a bit brighter and lighter.

What if I am the one who needs to be forgiven? I believe that if I fess up and admit my wrong doing and apologize (sincerely) then I am well on the way to asking for forgiveness. Does the other person involved necessarily have to forgive me? Well no. I feel that after admitting to my mistake and doing what I can to rectify the situation I have done all I can and then it is my choice whether I hold onto these often sad and hurtful feelings or let it go. Letting go is frequently hard to do. Letting go of what I feel are negative feelings often frees me up so that my life will remain full and positive.

What if I need to forgive myself? Wow that is a loaded one. I am not sure of the answer to that. Maybe by admitting that I am human and stumbling is a part of growth, I can go easier on myself. I sometimes wonder if forgiving myself is not the hardest of this act to do. I have always felt that everything that goes wrong is my fault. I apologize more than any other human alive. Well maybe. I am practicing the art of self forgiveness and it is not easy. I catch myself when I apologize for something that is out of my realm of responsibility. Asking myself if this is something I need to forgive myself also guides me to a more healthy and rounded approach to my life.

I think the idea of letting go of suffering is good. Needing forgiveness or asking for forgiveness is one way to let go of suffering. Letting joy, peace, hope and gratitude into my life through the act of forgiving or asking for forgiveness helps suffering lessen or disappear.

Today I am heading for New Brunswick, Canada. I am off to explore new territories. I am not sure how often I will have access to the internet. I promise to blog when I can. My heart feels such joy in knowing that all of you are interested in following my Journeys of Thankfulness.

I am thankful for all my readers, known and unknown.

Cobscook Bay Maine

Cobscook Bay Maine