Greeting Card Passion

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved greeting cards. There is nothing better than walking through a Hallmark store or other specialty stores that have unique and wonderful cards to look at and touch.

As I grew into adult-hood I became card hoarder. I would buy cards believing that a special occasion would come along and I would have the perfect card. The occasion would arrive and I would decide I needed to buy a different card. I was too attached to the original one to let it go. Was the person special enough? Was the occasion the right one for that card? What if I found a more perfect card?

I continued to collect greeting cards from all over the world. I had boxes full of them. They were all so pretty and special. Some were funny , others were mushy (a little), some were ponder-some. The photos were breath taking.  I loved to find the ones that showed the wilderness or our National Parks. I love cards. Small ones, large ones, all sizes and types.

When I moved from my home I gave many of the cards away. I did keep some and found them the other day in my storage locker. It was a joy to meet up with old friends.

My Hand-made Christmas Card

This holiday season I received a hand made card from a good friend. I hope she knows how much it thrilled me to receive this card. It is now sitting on my front visor so I can see it when I get in the rig to drive somewhere. It and Beth continue to make me smile.


Along came the world wide web. I slowly stopped sending cards opting for e-cards on the free or almost free web sites. Jacquie Lawson is my favorite. I love receiving and sending these cards. There are many other sites and when I get a little blue I will peruse these sites, enjoying the novelty of animation and the beauty of the card. I even got one from a friend this Christmas that was an animated Santa who knew my name and talked to me like I was right there.

A few days ago I was meandering through Target while my Roadtrek was being worked on and I came across the card aisles. The pleasure of seeing paper cards has not decreased. I love to hold them and read them and enjoy a moment with this simple pleasure. Sometimes I just enjoy looking up and down the aisles and see the plethora of cards in front of me. What a simple delight.

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I have become practical living this small home lifestyle. I read on my Kindle app or through the library, I watch Netflix on my Apple TV or my computer and I send cards on line. I am content, yet there is this wee little part of me that looks forward to the day when I can once again go out and buy a paper card. It will be good to be able to pick the perfect card for the perfect person. Until that time though I will meander down those store aisles and enjoy the beauty of all those cards.

Now don’t get me started on pens.

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