Plans & A Change of Plans

I am getting ready to become mobile in my Roadtrek with Elsie the Cat. Around this time I start to get questions from  others: What are your plans for this year?” “Where are you going next?” I often hesitate because I really don’t know the answer.

I was hoping to go to mainland Mexico with friends for the winter. The rig is ready, diesel fuel supposedly can be found better on the mainland than Baja, Elsie is set (records and shots are up to date), and then…..

I am staying within a day’s drive of San Diego for the next few months. Why? Yes indeed, why, is a very good question to ask.

Returning to San Diego is always an unknown. Can I come in and get back out without anything too caustic happening? This year I limped in and I am walking out, however, I will be back sooner than planned.

Surgery is pending on my thyroid. A pesky little nodule that was found seven years ago, following a bicycle accident, is growing a bit too fast. It is growing a bit too fast for the endocrinologist and my surgeon and me. The biopsies have been benign and the choice of what to do was left to me. Oh great leave a decision up to a Libra (sic).

After weighing all the alternatives, taking into account my history of breast cancer and my favorite surgeon retiring in a year- I decided now is the time. Now is a relative term. Sometime in the next twelve weeks I will get a call from Kaiser giving me a date for surgery.

Although heading for the desert is my goal-I plan to leave on January 8-the desert is going to be a little closer than originally planned. It is time to rediscover the Anza Borrego and the California desert. Palm Springs is on the agenda, too. When I get “the call” I will be a comfortable day’s drive back to San Diego.

So these are the facts yet the truth is, although I made the decision with wise and good input from people I respect, it is still surgery. If I take the time to let this chain of events into my every day consciousness, I am a bit nervous and unsure.

i don’t know the outcome. I don’t know what surgery will be like. I don’t know what recovery will be like. I know I will need to go on medication. What will that be like?

And even more basic questions involve the logistics. Where am I going to stay? How do  I get to day surgery and how do I get home? Where is Jim when I need him? How do I do this on my own? And the list goes on.

Here is what I do know. I want everyone to support me in the most positive way they can. I don’t want to hear any horror stories. You don’t need to share surgical or medical horrors with me. I already know them, remember I used to be a nurse. I don’t need anyone second guessing my doctors or the medical health care system I am a part of (Kaiser).

Please don’t suggest alternatives. You can trust I have researched them. My full medical team includes all of the above doctors mentions and an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and more. Hopefully I have got it covered.

What you can do is to tell me good stories and good outcomes. Give me a call. Divert my attention. Love me a lot or love me a little.. And if you can’t be positive then be silent and wish me well.

Meanwhile it is time to finish up in San Diego and get some hiking in. I need to find a few slot canyons and, hopefully enjoy a bit of warmer weather. It is time for Miss Elsie to roll in the desert dirt and sand. It is time to adventure into the New Year with as much gusto as I can.

Happy New Year and on to new adventures.

24 thoughts on “Plans & A Change of Plans

  1. I love you a lot ! Sending good vibes, prayers, and lots of love to help you through new challenges. You are my hero, I so admire you and your courage and determination; not to mention your artistic talent ! Rock on Janet, rock on….

  2. Happy New Year Janet!
    You will come through the surgery challenge, no doubt. How wonderful to be able to research your medical team! Enjoy your time in the sun with Elsie the cat. You can still take those amazing photos as you heal.


  3. Janet, you will be fine and I am keeping you in positive thoughts and prayers. You just go discover and enjoy more of the beauty there is with Elsie. I admire how you handle all you can within your control. Keep us posted…now load up and enjoy freedom from some stress. Hugs!

  4. Oh head to painted canyon that is one of the most spectacular hikes I’ve done in S Cal. You might inquire about road conditions, most of the time cars make it just fine. It’s near Mecca, hope you have some good healing time. I’ll miss you.

    • Thanks Mary, I had already checked out painted canyon and the ladders are an issue. One is gone and another broke under the weight of someone climbing it. I am not sure they are fixed. I will miss you too and will have to have another of secret envy of you and Bobbie and Sky being where I want to be.

  5. I wish for you and Elsie, many continued good times on the road. I will pray for you a speedy recovery. Continue living your best life. Love you.

  6. Wishing you well Janet
    I too am having a biopsy on my breast
    after just getting my mammogram today
    After 60 it is
    Patch Patch Patch

  7. Janet, again I thank you for your candor. Tobey and I send you all the best wishes we have, the whole bunch. While we can’t be there in person to
    help out….well, if you can think of something we can do, let us know. We have been enjoying the watercolor lady photos and the watercolors, especially the fly fisherman.

  8. You will do just fine, like me! Had mine removed 7 years ago and am doing great! Just adjusted my medication and everything is good! Stay strong, love life, enjoy mother nature and have fun with Elsie!!!

  9. You’ll come through with flying colors. I love Kaiser and all my doctors there, particularly my orthopedic surgeon who performed 3 successful knee surgeries on me in the past 3 years. I’m heading back to Florida to continue my travels after a visit in the SF Bay Area with my daughter and my friends for the holidays. I’ll be headed back west sometime in February and would love to meet up with you this spring.

    Happy Recovery!

  10. Happy New Year to you!!! May surgery be a blip on your radar and travels resume. Take care and hopefully you’ll be making entries again soon after to let all of us know how you are.

  11. Seems to me you assessed the realities of the situation and made a sound decision. It must be comforting that all biopsies have been benign. I have a couple friends who have had a similar surgery and are on medication. Sometimes apparently the dose needs to be adjusted at first, but it’s all manageable, so I hear. Best wishes with the surgery and recovery.

  12. Hey Janet! My Mom had this surgery done and did just fine! You will too. All the best to you and if you find the time, Ron and I would love to see you again. Maybe not now-it’s cold and snowy here!

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