Giving Thanks

thanksgiving-quotes-13In the fall of 1621 A group of Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians sat down to celebrate the first harvest. After a winter of almost starvation it was time to celebrate and acknowledge friendship.  In 1863 Abraham Lincoln officially declared the third Thursday of November, Thanksgiving.

I have been pondering giving thanks over the past three weeks. Someone recently said that giving thanks is putting gratitude into action. I like the sound of that statement. It resonated within me when it was said. Yet, can I be grateful without giving thanks? Can I give thanks without feeling grateful. I believe the answer is yes to both of these questions. When you bring gratitude and thankfulness together, it becomes a powerful and more complete experience.

This week is Thanksgiving. Many of us will sit down to the traditional turkey dinner. We will celebrate with family and friends and maybe a few strangers.


My Thanksgiving is going to be celebrated in the desert. My friend Nancy and I are heading to the beautiful Anza Borrego State Park to camp, hike and celebrate. I hope to relax a bit, too.

This blog is titled Journeys of Thankfulness. Each day I find that I am thankful for at least one thing. This blog has helped me remember to bring thankfulness and gratitude into my life, daily.

Here a few things that Elsie the Cat and I are thankful for this year.

  • All of you that follow our adventures. Your comments and sharing moments have helped give me good insight. You have made me feel loved and cared for by people I have, often, never met.
  • My Roadtrek (RV) that takes me on adventures with a sense of comfort and ease. I love a bed to sleep on at night.
  • I am so thankful for chiropractors this year. There was one horseback ride to many last spring.
  • Elsie has been such a buck it up kitty and adjusts to most situations with a lot of ease. I am glad she is my traveling companion.
  • My friends locally have continued to love and support me. I am so thankful for their on-going presence in my life. I am also very grateful that I am able to find friends that are willing to go on mini-adventures with me.
  • My father instilled a sense of adventure in me. When we traveled as a family we often explored the back roads. We stayed in some interesting places at night.


  • Super balls. This is Elsie, I love those small super balls. Janet just bought me a whole bag full. I can’t wait to play with them, under the couch, the chairs and the furniture. It is fun to watch Janet lay down on the floor and get them all back out again.
  • I am glad that I continue to grow and change through one of the hardest transitions of my life.
  • I am grateful for the silent presence of Jim in my life. I am learning how to keep his love and move on all at the same time.
  • I wish I could say I was thankful for the state of the world. It is hard to figure out gratitude when so many suffer. I can’t be thankful for the pain and sorrow yet I can be thankful that there are organizations and individuals who reach out to those in need and help, even when it involves danger.
  • Lastly I am grateful for a day where I can celebrate gratitude with friends and strangers alike.

Elsie and I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate this day, well we don’t care. We are wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving any way. Elsie says to go out and play with some super balls. You will feel better.

IMG_4984 IMG_6143

Today and all this week and forever I am thankful for each and every person, who I know now and who I have yet to meet. Happy Thanksgiving.

Last Stop on the Eastward Journey

imagesYou know what is hard? It is when you have offended your pet and she is not going to let me forget it. The hardest part is that I have no idea what it is I have done. Cats!!!! Just as I think everything is OK she gives me a look with attitude and heads for the blankets. Cats!!!

I made it to Prince Edward Island yesterday. The crossing was about 70 minutes on the ferry. Now PEI has a deal. They let everyone in for free and then you have to pay to leave, either by ferry or by the Confederation Bridge. I am going to cross on the bridge and it is $45. Yow. It would have been more expensive by ferry.

Montague Harbor, PEI

Montague Harbor, PEI

This is a pretty island. It is filled with small towns and harbors and lighthouses. The first day I drove east from the ferry. It is one pretty little town after another. What is in between? Fields. Potatoes, Rye, Wheat, Corn and other grasses I did not recognize. Potatoes are big at this end of the island.

Last night I camped at a very nice RV campground right on a bay. They even offered free kayaks to use but it was raining and this morning, it was extremely windy. No kayaking today.

I ended up my day, today, with a hike in a section of Prince Edward Island National Park. It was a beautiful afternoon. This area contains an extensive and fragile coastal dune system, wetlands and different natural habitats in which numerous rare plants are found.

Parabolic Dune

Parabolic Dune


The parabolic dunes (crescent shaped anchored by plants and grasses) are among the most spectacular natural features in this part of the park.



The Floating Trail

The Floating Trail


The floating walkway was one of the reasons I chose this trail to hike on. The water on one side of the dunes is fresh and the other side is the ocean, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It was a wonderful hike, with plenty of photo opportunities.



Janet on the Floating Trail


Beautiful View

IMG_5673 (1)

Doesn’t this look like a water color?






Tomorrow I plan to go and explore the other part of this national park. I have extended my departure date for a few days. I did not want to just drive in and drive back out.

As you may be able to tell, I am feeling much better and a bit less road weary. I want to thank you all for letting me vent in my last post. I want to make sure you know I am more than hanging in there. I am enjoying the peacefulness of this island.





Now it is back to Miss Elsie and see if she and I can be friends again. Cats!!!!