East Coast Arrival!!

Arkansas Capitol

Arkansas Capitol

I did it. Yep, I finally made it to the other side of the country. I arrived at my sister’s in Fernadina Beach, FL, on Monday evening. I am glad I am traveling with my I-pad and and a laptop. My laptop crashed and is now at the computer doctors. My I-pad is my best friend at the moment.

I spent a lovely evening in a state campground in Arkansas. It was hot and humid and covered with trees. Due to a misreading of the map I took a 5 mile hike instead. this trail is part of the Arkansas River hike and bike trail system.  It included an overlook of the Arkansas river.

Heifer International

Heifer International

Sunday morning I visited Little Rock. it was a lovely morning along the Arkansas river. Why is it that every state proudly declares that their capitol was designed to look like the US capitol?  I am not being critical but every state I have been to makes this same statement. Did you know that Little Rock is the home of Heifer International? This organization raises money for poor people around the world. You can buy a heifer for a family for Christmas. The building is totally green and architecturally beautiful. this was in the William F Clinton Presidential Library Complex.

In the afternoon I drove through southern AK and then into Mississippi. Here is what I know of this area. It is flat! There are miles of corn, okra and cotton. There are not too many people and there a lot of bugs, everywhere. Every day I clean the front end of my RT, get rid of all the bug juice just to start all over again the next day.

A list of things that remind me I am no longer in southern CA

  • Really hot. Really humid.
  • Armadillo road kill.
  • Prisoners working along the roadside in striped prison clothes.image
  • Have I mentioned the heat?
  • Where did all these trees come from? And, why is it so green?
  • Vegetable stands that advertise okra.
  • I get out of my RT and my glasses steam up.
  • And have I mentioned the heat?

Another San Diego Friend:  Phyllis and I have been friends for many years. We worked together as nurses at  Children’s Hospital in San Diego. I am not sure how our friendship developed, it has been so long. What Ido know is that since my diagnosis of breast cancer and on into the present, Phyllis has unconditionally been there for me. The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Phyllis was there. When Jim was admitted to the hospital, she came to sit in the ER with us at mid-night. All I have ever had to do is call her and she is there. We walk together each week. She is a good confidant for me. I am very thankful to have such a friend in my life.

Janet & the presidential library

Janet &the Presidential Library in the Background

3 thoughts on “East Coast Arrival!!

  1. Hi Janet. Hope Florida cools down for you was just there for 8 days and it was either raining or very humid . I’m pretty sure they finally sent the solar panels for you . Glad everything is working well . Dean

  2. Janet you are too funny! If I hadn’t just moved out of Florida, I would drive to see you!!!
    Yes — the South is humid — and very buggy — make sure you evict the cockroaches from the RV!!! You’re lucky it isn’t “lovebug” season — yuk – yuk….
    Take care.

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