Slowly Moving Up the East Coast.

Janet & the Atlantic

Janet & the Atlantic

On Monday I made it to the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean. The last day was a long drive. It was good to see sister and her husband’s new home.

There are several journeys that I am undertaking all combined into one RV experience. My sister, Ruth and I have not really been close or known each other in years and we have not always gotten along well. I was hesitant regarding this visit to her and she (as I found out) was tentative about it as well. We really have had little communication with each other for several years. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer our silence was broken and we started to e-mail each other occasionally. With Jim’s diagnosis we picked up communications a bit more. I know she loved and supported both of us over the past 3 plus years through thoughts and prayers. What is this journey about with Ruth, you may wonder?

There were different parts to this visit and each one was good. I spent 3 nights with them. Ruth and I  really spoke to each other for the first time in may years. And yes, Virginia (my oldest sister) we did get along beautifully. I had the opportunity to thank her for her support and caring. I feel like this was a first step into a reconnection at a new level of understanding. This will need to be a slow and steady process forward. One baby step at a time. It was a very good visit.

Joe & Janet

Joe & Janet

The other part of this visit that I enjoyed was getting to know Ruth’s husband, Joe, of 30+ years. In all the years they have been married I have had rare opportunities to speak with him. We spent a greater part of a day together and I really enjoyed his company. Joe took me on a tour of the Culinary Arts program he started at Northern Florida State College. We walked on the beach and we talked. I hope he knows how much this time meant to me. Through him I know a little more about my sister.

Ruth  and I explored Fernadina Beach and Amelia Island. We found this rather unique house shaped like a boat and they had created a religious sanctuary in the yard. There was even a small chapel. We wandered through downtown on Amelia Island and went shopping. Even I, not the most excited shopper came away with a few new clothes. They certainly were better for dealing with the continuing heat and humidity.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary








My HP laptop crashed so I am down to my I-pad and will probably go shopping for a new laptop, somewhere on this journey. Thank you, Adrian and Brian for you input on this subject. This was a laptop that was a year old and it was Jim’s. I still find it hard when I see or feel a little bit of him slip away. I remind myself they are only objects, yet they represent Jim, too. I find myself amazed that grief is still around. I guess I just expected to get over it but am finding it is an on going process. I am still working my way through this. I continue to feel vulnerable and loved and strong,  all at the same time. Sigh.

I am in Warner Robbins, GA at the moment. Today I am thankful for my family and all my friends. I am thankful, also for another chance with Ruth. Today I am just thankful.

Billy the dog - Ruth, Janet, Joe

Billy the dog – Ruth, Janet, Joe

8 thoughts on “Slowly Moving Up the East Coast.

  1. Glad Janet that you reconnected with your sister and I can see how that is hard.
    Hugs & Prayers your BC Pink sister, Ruby from Indiana

  2. Janet, I have been enjoying your travel. Sounds like you are working on lots of things in this journey. It was nice to hear that you and your sister were able to have a nice visit. I love my sisters and would find it difficult not to have them in my life. I have lost people in my life, but not like you. I do know from others that have lost their love, best friend, the grief takes on different feelings. It never really goes away, the hurt gets less with time, but even after 10 tears, my Mother in law still struggles with the loss. I hope you can find a happy space and grow yourself through this experience and all the others you will have over the coming months and years. Angi

  3. I am so excited! You are on your way to my house. I could just bust!!! Drive safe and know I’m praying you here dear. 😉

  4. I just heard from another friend who is needing to replace her laptop as well. She is on iphone and ipad, and will probably go with an apple laptop, so they all sync and match. I’m looking forward to discovering what you decide! Grief – – – Mine for Mama, who isn’t dead and IS “gone” get less and less, and then I’ll see something, or watch an old movie, or hear something and the missing of her is absolute and sharp. Perhaps it never really goes away for good – and simply moves to the background as we venture further in creating our lives along a different path and in a different mode. I watch Mama and my Grandmother experiencing grief in much this same way. For me, it is really important to remember the wonder of the people who are so definitely gone from my life, especially the ones who were the touchstones for me for so many years. And isn’t it wonderful and amazing what brings us to re-build relationships that seemed to have crumbled? What a gift that you had and have and are pursuing the opportunity to re-connect with your sister. My love to you and your remarkable ‘journey’.

  5. Janet,
    Tim and I enjoyed meeting you in Commerce and touring your fabulous RoadTrek! We’ve read your entire blog and look forward to future posts. You are a special lady and we are so fortunate to have met you!
    Tim and Beth Thrift

  6. Janet,

    just getting caught up on all your travels. It has been fun reading about your adventures. It sounds like you’re having fun exploring the US and life. Glad to hear about your visit with your sister and her husband. Though you have a lot of good friends around you, family is very important.
    Yeah, I miss our walk/ breakfasts. Walked to the stadium this morning. I see they will be having an RV show this weekend. Are you ready to update!!? Just joking! Should I stop in and say hi to Dean?
    Take care and travel safe.

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