Enjoying North Carolina

Janet & Ange

Janet & Ange

I spent 2 nights with Ange in Warner Robbins Georgia. I got my first taste of that true southern Belle when I met her mother-in-law, Hazel. She was sweet and nice but I could also see the strength she yielded behind that sweetness. Ange and her husband, John have been very good friends of Jim’s and mine for several years. John was Jim’s boss at the college where they worked. John was not there so I had some undivided time with Ange. I was shown around Angie’s area of GA and we did our fair share of talking. Even better I found someone to play scrabble and bananagram with. It was fun. I appreciate the easy companionship that Ange and I have and I certainly appreciate both of John’s and Ange’s ongoing love and support and friendship. It continues to enfold and support me.

I learned some interesting facts about GA in the short time I was in the state.

  • It is the Peach state. Lots of delicious peaches.

    Peach Processing

    Peach Processing

  • GA is one of the largest growers of pecans in the United States
  • There is a huge lumber industry in the state.
  • It takes a long time to drive out off the hurricane’s path. The evacuation route went on forever.
  • South Georgia has a lot of water and I am betting a lot of Mosquitos.
  • Northern GA is hilly and pretty.
  • There is green everywhere.
  • I learned the Georgia “wave” also known as swatting flies in front of your face.
  • and last but not least…it is still hot and humid.
Linville Gorge

Linville Falls

I have been in Hendersonville, NC since last Saturday. I am here for a week visiting such good friends, Zoe and Kay. I am having a wonderful time. The two of them are  good hostesses and terrific tour guides. I have been to the highest point east of the Mississippi, Mt Mitchell. I kept telling Zoe that I needed to see vistas so off we went onto the Blue Ridge Parkway to find vistas. We found vistas and more. This is definitely a tourist’s must see. I have been taken to waterfalls and pretty forests. On Friday we go to Asheville for the day and visit the Vanderbilt Mansion. I am looking forward to this as I have everything else.



I met Zoe in the chat room of bcsupport.org (see links on the right side of this blog). This was in the middle of the time I was being treated for breast cancer. When I first met her on-line I just knew we would be friends. Her wisdom and sage advice mixed in with her caring, humor and support helped me through many difficult moments in my life over the past 3+ years. She has continued this unwavering support  through Jim’s diagnosis and death. We have cried together. We have laughed together. I credit her with guiding me with advice that led me to second opinions that led me to my current health status. This woman holds no punches and tells it like it is. This is the kind of friend each of us should have at least once in our lives. This is our third meet-up since we met in 2010. We have had fun discovering Washington DC And Atlanta together. Now I am enjoying her home and North Carolina.

On Saturday morning I am meeting up with my niece, Brittany and her husband, Tripp for a hike. It was a surprise for me that they are in town for a wedding and have the morning free. I am looking forward to seeing them, and getting a little more physical exercise before I climb back in my RT and head north up the Atlantic coast.

i am still journeying forward and glad you are here to join me.

Zoe, Kay, Janet

Zoe, Kay, Janet

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