Fitting a Roadtrek Into a Small Space

imageThere was once a woman (me) who decided to change up her life. Due to circumstances beyond her control, change came whether she was ready or not.

She went out and bought herself a small, very cute Roadtrek Agile SS RV, packed it up and took off to see the country. She wanted to meet up with friends near and far and and get lots of hugs. She really wanted to thank all these people for their support and kindness they had given to her over the past challenging three years.

Waiting for Janet, Gloss Mts, Ok

Waiting for Janet, Gloss Mts, Ok

She traveled to Arizona and Colorado renewing friendships and seeing the sights. This woman found that she really liked living in her cool little RV. She traveled and camped through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi learning more and more each day about camping and sleeping and making her RV work. She took time to explore and learn new things, remembering to get out and stretch frequently. It was fun to see all these places she had never seen before. She was happy most of the time.

Snuggled In

Snuggled In

After visiting family in Florida and a good friend in the “Peach State” of  Georgia she arrived in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Very good friends awaited her arrival and were so excited when she finally knocked on their door.  But…what to do with that cute little RV?  First they tried Kay’s house but the carport was too short.  Oh no, what were they to do?  They drove the cute little RV over to Zoe’s and they drove it very carefully, with a little shouting and encouragement into the carport. It went in easily.  Wait a minute it was not level. Out came the blocks. They were placed under the tires on the right side. With a very slow drive forward and Zoe’s good directions the RT was balanced and even, with an inch of room to spare.  One inch.

Now the neighbors saw this and were amazed.  How did they ever get this cute little RV in there, they wondered.  And the cute Roadtrek became the talk of the neighborhood.


A Closer Look

9 thoughts on “Fitting a Roadtrek Into a Small Space

  1. Just love your blog! Also loved seeing a picture of Zoe who has been an inspiration to me for the last 8 or 9 years. Wonder if she knows how many people she has helped.

    • Ginger, I really don’t think she knows and I don’t really think it would matter to her. She just keeps giving because that is in her nature. She saved me and I am so glad we bonded so well. She is such a good friend.

  2. I can only imagine seeing the cute RoadTrek drafting on the highway with the big rigs!

    I would love to see Janet at a truck stop swapping stories with truck drivers and admiring each others rig 🙂

    Go go Janet in RT!

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