Those Tiny Blessings & Magic Moments

Happy New Year. It has been another odd and interesting year. Already I hear people saying, “Whew I am glad 2021 is over”. There are reasons that we might want to see this year go and welcome another year to try again.

It is so easy to reflect on the negative things that happened over the last twelve months, they were so in your face. I wonder how I might reflect on the year that has ended if I took a moment to remember some of the small moments of magic that helped 2021 not look so bad after all.

  • Kayaking on the North Fork of the Payette River, Idaho, early in the morning and seeing a mother moose and her baby, wading through the shallows. No one else around just me. Just me and nature.
  • Hundreds of snow geese flying around and over my rig. It was so amazing to hear their wings and feel a bit of the wind they created as they flew.
  • Seeing the first sunset from Jim’s and Sandy’s home, where I house sat on Whidbey Island. After a month I thought I would not have to take any more photos of sunsets and then I would turn around and there was another sunset that required another photo.
  • Long walk on the beaches. One day I watched a large flock of seagulls diving in to the water over and over again as they fished in a school of fish.
  • One day, one walk on a beach on the west side of Whidbey Island I almost walked right into an eagle who was standing on the beach. I was looking at birds out in the water and didn’t see him right in front of me.
  • Flowers, oh the iris, daffodils that transitioned through to the season of lilacs, rhododendrons, dhalias and more. It has been many years where I have seen so many wonderful flowers.
  • My friendship with a little brown bird, a song sparrow, that lasted for six months. He discoved me one day in the spring when I was playing a sound on one of bird apps, trying to identify his song. He would come every day and sit on my ankle, knee, arm and eventually made his way to my shoulder and head. He provided me with hours of entertainment and outright joy. As the seasons progressed towards fall, I saw him less. Every few days he would show up in the yard and we would greet each other like long lost friends. I am glad he still has his wild bird life and I am so grateful for his adventure into my life. I will never look at a little brown bird the same again

Click on this photo of my brown birdy and see him on my Head.

  • Friends, I am blessed with such wonderful friends. Thanks to vaccines and masks and cautiousness, I was able to see some of my friends in person. For a long weekend this July seven of us, all owning Roadtreks, gathered at a State Park along the Oregon coast to visit and hike and reconnect. It was a delight.
  • Some of my friends appeared on my doorstep while i was house sitting on Whidbey Island. It was a welcomed reprieve from spending so much time alone. I treasure my friends.
  • I had neighbors on Whidbey Island, Robyn and Tom who quickly became friends. I enjoyed being invited to small gatherings at their place. I also joined them for a movie night at a local theater in Langley. Tom was my go to person for anything I needed help with. I am grateful for my connection with them.
  • I visited my friend Pat on San Juan Island. She and I are both photographers. One day we discovered the foxes of the island. It was so exciting to see them and share that moment with someone who was as excited as I was.
  • Amazing Boondockers Welcome campsites in the Phoenix area. I met such lovely people and the sites were lovely to camp in.

Now I know I could go on yet I think you get the idea. There was a lot of magic out there in 2021. I don’t think any of us had to look far to see it. We just had to acknowledge it when it showed up.

What were your magic moments and tiny blessings from this past year? Take a moment and reflect back, I can almost guarantee you will find at least one moment that enriched and changed your life.

Today at the start of the New Year, I am glad to have had a chance to review the moments from 2021 that make me smile, knowing I have changed and grown because of them.

I am thankful for this past year and with excitement and wonder, I am moving into this New Year waiting to see how it will unfold.

Special Moments of the Holidays

I always tell myself that the holidays are just going to go by. However, it always seems that special moments creep in when I least expect them. It makes me realize that this doesn’t always happen on the holiday yet I tend to notice it more when it happens around the “Season of Giving”. I have to immediately ask what does that mean? Shouldn’t giving always be a part of my life? OK, enough of that back to the subject at hand, the surprise events that made my holidays a bit more special.



I know most of us have heard of the Bluebird of Happiness. This year I received my bluebird of happiness. I follow several wildlife photographers on facebook. Becca Wood is a wildlife photographer from Montana. She does incredibly beautiful wildlife photography. During the month of December she had a series of contests to win calendars, and prints. I entered everyone and never won a thing. This is quite the norm for me. I commented every time I lost another contest, in light-hearted jest. One morning a few weeks before Christmas I found an envelope sitting against my garage door. When I opened it there was my Bluebirds of Happiness. I was moved close to tears that Becca not only sent it to me but that she understood how much I love this print. A gift from a stranger touched me so deeply. I proudly display this photo on my wall. I also ordered her bluebird calendar which I also love.

If you want to explore Becca’s work more click here>B Wood Photography.

IMG_3378Last Tuesday I had dinner with good friends. Henry and Barbara ran with Jim every Saturday for years. I am very honored and pleased to be friends with them now. They are both very delightful, caring and kind people. For some time now Henry has been holding onto a plaque that he had made in memory of Jim. The original plan was to have it permanently placed at Pacific Beach where they all ran together. You know what happens when you attempt to get the city officials involved with this minor project?, a political mess. They wanted $3000 just to have plans drawn up. What? The runners decided to see if they could find a secluded place at  the beach to put this. It was decided, and wisely so, not to do this. It would most likely have been taken. Now I have this lovely plaque and we are still trying to decide what to do with it. Any ideas?

Barbara & HenryThis wonderful act by his friends has touched me deeply. When I saw the plaque on Tuesday all I could do was gently caress it. It wasn’t just because it reminded me of Jim. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude to these two very special people. It makes me happy deep down inside to know others will always remember him.  And what a touching act the making of this plaque was to me, to Jim’s family, to all his friends and to the universe.

Now I want your suggestions. Please don’t hesitate if you can come up with a unique or not so unique idea for this natural plaque.

And…thank you Henry and Barbara for this thought, this act, this kindness. I am so glad we are friends.

There have been other touching moments during this past three weeks. How special these moments are. It reminds me that I want to pay more attention as the new year starts. I have decided that my “Season of Giving” will be all year long. What about yours?

Happy-New-Year-Background-Wallpapers-2015-3Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New Year.