Returning Home, Next trip on the Horizon.

IMG_6409It has been just over two weeks since Elsie and I came back to San Diego. I am home, I think. Living in and near my RT for the past four months makes me have to consider what is home. Elsie, on the other hand had no second thoughts about where she was. She is glad to have no leash attached to her halter.

Returning home for me is always a bit hard. I seem to feel a bit in limbo for a while after a trip. I am not home and I am not away. Where am I? I am not always sure. That is OK. And then there is the yard work…well I just won’t go there.

Miss Elsie, Rolling

Miss Elsie, Rolling

I have been asked if I had a great trip this summer. I am not always sure how to answer this question. Some of it was absolutely delightful and fun. Other times were different. When everything was running as smooth as a well oiled machine the traveling was fun. Most of my days were filled with interest yet there were times that I felt lonely and sad. I missed Jim and his companionship. And…maybe he was traveling with me but it is not the same as having him there in person.  Miss Elsie the Cat helped a lot with the lonely part.

Someone recently called me a road warrior. In some ways that can really describe any of us who take to the road for adventure. I see a warrior is someone who is always ready for whatever the circumstance. This is good and maybe, some times, a bit hard. I see it as vigilance, where I can never let my guard down. Does being vigilant not allow me to relax? I am not sure.

I do believe that I handled myself well in most situations. Stress since Jim has died has been a constant companion. I did’t invite it to be my companion yet for right now it seems to be. I have decided since the end of this trip that I want to handled unexpected situations a bit better. It is just hard sometimes.

There were so many wonderful places I saw. I am glad I traveled the distance I did to tour such wonderful unknown places. There were so many highlights it is hard to list them. Here are a few that stand out:

  • IMG_0423Hells A’Roaring Horse Round-up. This was so much fun. I love horses. I love the west. I love cowboys and cowgirls. For a weekend I got to be a cowgirl and it was fun, REALLY FUN.
  • Traveling through the Nebraska Sand Hill Country.
  • Discovering all kinds of campgrounds, Fairgrounds, Town Parks and parking behind the visitor center.
  • Visiting with my friend, Helen and her husband, Norb in Fish Lake, Indiana.
  • Zoe’s and Kay’s wedding.
  • Traveling to the Roadtrek RV mothership. I was treated so well.
  • Making new friends in Michigan and Penetanguishene, thanks to the Roadtrek Facebook Group.
  • Fourth of July at the lake in NJ. Visiting my family and long time friends.
  • My niece’s wedding. I am not always a fan of weddings. This one was truly fun.

    Loons-can you see the baby?

    Loons-can you see the baby?

  • Hot air ballooning and kayaking in Queechee, VT with more long time friends, Diane and Tom.
  • Chasing loons. It was a major photo shoot for loons. I love them.
  • Visiting with Missy and Dan at Moxie Lake in Maine. I got my very first Zumba lesson. Cool.
  • I really, really liked New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

  • Meeting a long time friend unexpectedly  on the Cabot Trail.
  • Exploring the Cabot Trail and camping on the ocean was a delight. The National Park on Cape Breton was beyond delightful.
  • Anything on the Cape Breton end of Nova Scotia was fun.
  • Biking, kayaking, walking, hiking…well you get the idea.
  • Driving west on the Trans-Canada Highway. Beautiful ride.
  • Meeting so many interesting people along the way. I hope that some of us really do stay in touch. Barbara, hopefully you are reading this.
  • Finally feeling brave enough to go to southwestern Colorado and camping for two nights on my land.

    Colorado Land

    Colorado Land

  • The last week I traveled through southern Colorado from friends to friends to friends. There is nothing better than being able to get hugs and good conversation. I really love all my friends.

Now I am home. I have finally culled the photographs. If you want to view them, click on the link below.

Roadtreking Photos, 2015

Travel is healing for me. I love getting out in nature and I really like exploring places I have always wanted to see. I enjoy meeting new people and learning.

Now I am home. I was hoping that this summer might clarify life for me a little. I am not sure it did. That is OK. Sometimes I get impatient so I am learning patience and enjoying the journey.

I am grateful today for traveling there and back again, safely and mostly happily. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support me. Thank you.

My adventures will continue and you are always welcome to come along. This blog will continue.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Miss Elsie and Janet.


The posting below is from last night. Since I made some decisions today I had thought about not posting it. How I feel when I travel is not always fraught with meaning or joy or awe, although these are a part of it too. Last night it was about the harder side of travel.

View from Meat Cove, Cape Breton

View from Meat Cove, Cape Breton

Frustration! Frustrating! Frustrate! I am all parts of this word tonight. I am anxious to make the “right” decisions even though I don’t know what the right decisions are. I think a glass of wine will help but not really. It does taste good, though.

Today I took my home on wheels to the Mercedes dealer in Halifax. Why? My emergency brake did not seem to be engaging and the service manager agreed. First I thought it would be an easy fix but instead I walked out with new new parking brake shoes. It appears that I must have been driving with my emergency brake on, somewhere in Cape Breton. The manager, Bruce said that even having it engaged a little would cause this wear. Sigh.

I feel like a bad Roadtrek owner tonight. I know I am not, but tonight I feel like I am a bad owner. How could that have happened? I reach the campground tonight and have to use my new brake for the first time as they put me on a hill and I am too tired to move it or think about what is next.

And…it is suppose to rain this weekend. I should enjoy it but I am tired of the rain. Right now I am near Halifax. I am considering not going into the city and heading to Prince Edward Island. I have enjoyed the small towns and quiet areas so much I am not sure I want to “do” Halifax.

I am whining tonight. Yes I am and I don’t care.

It is hard to travel full time or part time full time. Hopefully you get the gist of what I mean. By the time I get home I will have been gone a quarter of the year and a little bit more. That is a lot of time. I am weary and I am ready to head home.

Tomorrow I have to listen to my inner voice that will give me the right direction to go on. I am tired of listening to my inner voice as well. I am tired of decisions. Maybe Mom or Jim will appear in my dreams tonight and help me with direction.

My turn around date is August 10th. I know it is not iron clad yet I want to keep it as close to that date as possible. the honest truth is that I spent too much of my allotted time in Cape Breton. I enjoyed the quiet, the camping, the hiking the people and I am really balking at going into a tourist city and being around many people.


Peggy’s Cove

Yesterday I went to a place called Peggy’s Cove. It is beautiful. The land around it is an UNESCO Heritage site. I loved the open area around the cove. The town of Peggy’s Cove was crazy. There were motor coaches, people, cars and more moving around in this little tiny town. I lasted about an hour and a half and hightailed it out of there. There were too many people, and too many cars. There was a point of time I would have been the tour manager on the front of those coaches. Craziness.


Elsie checking out the Atlantic Ocean

Elsie is my one bright star tonight. I had to bring her into the Mercedes dealer while the RV was being worked on. She was very good, quiet in her carrier and patient. She continues to amaze me. And when I am feeling tired or down there she is, her sweet little self looking at me with trust and maybe cat caring in her eyes. Boy am I glad she is along.

And on another good note is the Mercedes dealer in Halifax. Bruce never even questioned whether they could fit me in, especially after telling him I was about to drive across the country. He told me, when I thanked him before I left that they try to help those who are traveling through as best they can. What a great attitude. My list of great Mercedes dealers keeps getting longer. They certainly focus on good customer service.

So dear readers, thank you for letting me vent. I certainly needed to. Life on the road, life at home, is not always cheerful and happy. Things do not always work right. The key here is to pick up and move on and enjoy the next moment that comes my way.

Tonight I think I will go to bed early and hope that my star will shine a bit brighter tomorrow.

Of course this won’t post until tomorrow as the wifi in the campground is down. Sigh.

Lavender Fields along the Cabot Trail

Lavender Fields along the Cabot Trail

This is the next day.

I have to tell you that sometime in the morning hours I awoke out of a dream and I was howling with laughter. I wish I could remember the dream, I know Jim was in it. I had to stifle my laughter a little. I didn’t want to wake up the campground.

When I got up this morning I knew I would skip Halifax. That will just have to be for another trip. Tonight I am in Pictou on the Northumberland straight and tomorrow I will ferry to Prince Edward Island. I believe I will be one or two days behind schedule and that is OK. I am still finding myself weary. Right now I am committing to every other night will be two nights of camping as I make my way west. I am looking forward to seeing the open spaces.

It is OK to have up and down days. Last night I could have howled in frustration, today much less so. I am more than ready to head for the west. A few more days and we will be on our way.

Today I am thankful for raw emotion.