Returning Home, Next trip on the Horizon.

IMG_6409It has been just over two weeks since Elsie and I came back to San Diego. I am home, I think. Living in and near my RT for the past four months makes me have to consider what is home. Elsie, on the other hand had no second thoughts about where she was. She is glad to have no leash attached to her halter.

Returning home for me is always a bit hard. I seem to feel a bit in limbo for a while after a trip. I am not home and I am not away. Where am I? I am not always sure. That is OK. And then there is the yard work…well I just won’t go there.

Miss Elsie, Rolling

Miss Elsie, Rolling

I have been asked if I had a great trip this summer. I am not always sure how to answer this question. Some of it was absolutely delightful and fun. Other times were different. When everything was running as smooth as a well oiled machine the traveling was fun. Most of my days were filled with interest yet there were times that I felt lonely and sad. I missed Jim and his companionship. And…maybe he was traveling with me but it is not the same as having him there in person.  Miss Elsie the Cat helped a lot with the lonely part.

Someone recently called me a road warrior. In some ways that can really describe any of us who take to the road for adventure. I see a warrior is someone who is always ready for whatever the circumstance. This is good and maybe, some times, a bit hard. I see it as vigilance, where I can never let my guard down. Does being vigilant not allow me to relax? I am not sure.

I do believe that I handled myself well in most situations. Stress since Jim has died has been a constant companion. I did’t invite it to be my companion yet for right now it seems to be. I have decided since the end of this trip that I want to handled unexpected situations a bit better. It is just hard sometimes.

There were so many wonderful places I saw. I am glad I traveled the distance I did to tour such wonderful unknown places. There were so many highlights it is hard to list them. Here are a few that stand out:

  • IMG_0423Hells A’Roaring Horse Round-up. This was so much fun. I love horses. I love the west. I love cowboys and cowgirls. For a weekend I got to be a cowgirl and it was fun, REALLY FUN.
  • Traveling through the Nebraska Sand Hill Country.
  • Discovering all kinds of campgrounds, Fairgrounds, Town Parks and parking behind the visitor center.
  • Visiting with my friend, Helen and her husband, Norb in Fish Lake, Indiana.
  • Zoe’s and Kay’s wedding.
  • Traveling to the Roadtrek RV mothership. I was treated so well.
  • Making new friends in Michigan and Penetanguishene, thanks to the Roadtrek Facebook Group.
  • Fourth of July at the lake in NJ. Visiting my family and long time friends.
  • My niece’s wedding. I am not always a fan of weddings. This one was truly fun.

    Loons-can you see the baby?

    Loons-can you see the baby?

  • Hot air ballooning and kayaking in Queechee, VT with more long time friends, Diane and Tom.
  • Chasing loons. It was a major photo shoot for loons. I love them.
  • Visiting with Missy and Dan at Moxie Lake in Maine. I got my very first Zumba lesson. Cool.
  • I really, really liked New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

Mary, a meeting on the Cabot Trail

  • Meeting a long time friend unexpectedly  on the Cabot Trail.
  • Exploring the Cabot Trail and camping on the ocean was a delight. The National Park on Cape Breton was beyond delightful.
  • Anything on the Cape Breton end of Nova Scotia was fun.
  • Biking, kayaking, walking, hiking…well you get the idea.
  • Driving west on the Trans-Canada Highway. Beautiful ride.
  • Meeting so many interesting people along the way. I hope that some of us really do stay in touch. Barbara, hopefully you are reading this.
  • Finally feeling brave enough to go to southwestern Colorado and camping for two nights on my land.

    Colorado Land

    Colorado Land

  • The last week I traveled through southern Colorado from friends to friends to friends. There is nothing better than being able to get hugs and good conversation. I really love all my friends.

Now I am home. I have finally culled the photographs. If you want to view them, click on the link below.

Roadtreking Photos, 2015

Travel is healing for me. I love getting out in nature and I really like exploring places I have always wanted to see. I enjoy meeting new people and learning.

Now I am home. I was hoping that this summer might clarify life for me a little. I am not sure it did. That is OK. Sometimes I get impatient so I am learning patience and enjoying the journey.

I am grateful today for traveling there and back again, safely and mostly happily. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support me. Thank you.

My adventures will continue and you are always welcome to come along. This blog will continue.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Miss Elsie and Janet.

The Wandering Kitty Checks In

Elsie le Chat

Elsie le Chat

Bonjour, c’est Elsie le chat. Hee hee. When in Quebec Province I try to speak like the locals. It is hard. I am just a little cat. I find meow is a universal language for us kitties.

Janet and I are on our way west. One day I see the ocean and all that wonderful sand and rock and then next day just trees. Lots and lots of trees. First there was lots and lots of water and now, trees. I wonder what will be next.

IMG_5739We met this woman, Barbara the other day. She was really nice. She came as a package. She had a dog named Spencer. I know Spencer wanted to come in and eat my food but he was good and stayed out. That was probably because he was being watched. When us animals are being watched we are on our best behavior.

At times like this when meeting a dog I am glad to have my little house to hide in. I feel kind of brave looking at dogs, from inside. I watched Spencer come running across the yard. I was hoping he did not see me.

Wow, I cannot believe all the places I have been. Water, any kind of water still makes me nervous. I won’t hide though but I do keep a good watch on it, just in case it does something other than what it normally looks like.


Boats waiting for water

Boats waiting for water

Today Janet and I drove along a waterway called the St Laurent (St Lawrence Seaway). Now here is what I mean about water. There was no water anywhere. the only thing I saw was mud for miles. Janet said

the tide was out. I am not sure what that means but at least I had an explanation. Boats were just laying on their sides waiting for the water to return. I wonder if it does. It looked like it might be fun to walk around in the mud but there were too many people around and I would have needed a blanket to hide under.

Our trip is not over yet. Janet says we still have places to see but that we are on our way home. I thought this Roadtrek was home. I am a bit confused. Oh well I guess I will just take it one day at a time.

Here is a new place I have found to sleep

Here is a new place I have found to sleep

I have seen amazing things and hope to see some more. When I am not looking around I like to sleep. Us cats do that well. I sleep under the blankets, on my sheepskin (thanks Janet for bringing that) and sometime on the dashboard. It is important for me to get my A’s and D’s.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet's leg is a good idea.

When things make me nervous hanging behind Janet’s leg is a good idea.

I am glad to have Janet around. She makes me feel safe most of the time. As caretakers go, she is pretty darn good. I get scratched and petted and played with and no matter where I travel, well that is the most important part. I really like being treated like a princess.

Well I am off to explore the campsite. I will report in soon.

Mom and Nova Scotia

Cape Breton

Cape Breton

When I was much younger than I am today, I remember talking to my mother about travel. She said that she always wanted to go to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. For several years this subject would arise now and then. We talked of traveling there together. It seems it was one of those dreams that was a dream, until this past week.

I arrived in Nova Scotia at the end of July. Although I don’t know if my mom and I would have seen the part of it I have seen so far, I feel like I have brought her along in memory.

I decided upon arriving at the island that I would travel the Cabot Trail to Cape Breton on into Cape Breton Highlands National Park. I love National Parks. This one was amazing. For three nights I camped right on the ocean. Both campsites were a little piece of heaven. I hiked, saw waterfalls, wandered the grounds of Gompa Buddhist Monastery Retreat, and have yet to see any Moose. Everyone but me seems to have seen a Moose. Sigh.

IMG_5161I am also enjoying the people I meet along my travels. People seem to talk to each other in the National Parks. For two nights I camped at Corney Brook Camp Ground. Kathleen and Gary my neighbors invited me to dinner both nights I was there. The second night They had bought some king crab that was in season. Kathleen took me and the neighbors down to the oceanside to learn how to shuck crab. Oh my was that crab delicious.

Crabs for Dinner

Crabs for Dinner

Kim and Jim were on the other side. We kept meeting on the trails. When I moved up to Meat Cove Campground, well there they were again.

Petra and Udo were my neighbors at Meat Cove. They had brought their RV from Germany with them. They started their travels in Uruguay. They have been traveling for a year and are getting ready to go back to Germany in 10 days. I had the best evening with these two. We talked about travel and Germany and the USA (even skirted the issue of politics). I enjoyed laughing and drinking with them and getting to know these two remarkable people.


Petra in the Fancy Vehicle from Germany




I am including pictures of their vehicle. Man that ride could take on almost anything. It was big, and comfortable and has been their home for a year. I wish I had met them sooner. I could have followed them as they saw different part of South America and North America, including Alaska and Canada. If you are interested, here is Petra’s blog. It is in German so you might have to use Goggle Translator to interpret it for you. That is what plan to do.

When the three of us said good-by I felt like I was seeing a good friend depart. Their next tour is the Silk Road. They, of course, are driving it in their mighty vehicle.

At a time when I am starting to miss my San Diego friends, it has been nice to meet up with good people who were willing to include me in their lives, if even for a short time. I enjoy the depth of knowing my long time friends yet there are times when a chance encounter can enrich my life and make it deeper. The other good thing about meeting people while you are traveling you sometimes find out about places and events that I might have missed otherwise. We are all a great source of information for each other.

I am camped in St Peters, on Cape Breton tonight. I am in a Provincial Park and like state parks in the USA, the camp sites are quiet and separate. I enjoy camping where Elsie feels safe going outside. If there are too many people around she runs for the blankets.

I know my mother is not with me in person. I know she is traveling with me in spirit. I think of her often and know she would have enjoyed seeing this part of the world. The ocean on the Atlantic side is even warm enough to swim in. My mom loved to swim. I have yet to swim but have dipped my feet. I hope mom is enjoying her trip. I know I am.

Tomorrow, on to Halifax.

Meat Cove

Meat Cove